Healing Courses

Experience Divine Empowerment healing classes from the convenience of your home, tailored to your schedule. These classes are pre-recorded and offer the flexibility of a three-month instalment payment plan. Engage in a thriving community, participating in regular meetings and connecting through telegram groups, fostering friendships with fellow students and facilitating healing exchanges.

Upon reaching Level 4, an invitation awaits you – an opportunity to undergo an assessment and achieve practitioner status. The assessment involves performing an emotional healing release on a person of your choosing. Capture the process on video and submit it for review. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion, enabling you to obtain insurance as a certified Divine Empowerment Practitioner. This process recurs for Advanced Practitioners after completing Level 7 where they work on ‘liquid’ based dis-ease such as chronic pain and cysts.

Embracing the essence of a modern-day mystery school, Divine Empowerment maintains an element of intrigue by revealing the content of each level upon the completion of its predecessor. Each class blends energetic healing tools with the awakening of your inherent divine nature, thereby activating further capabilities. Homework assignments are integrated, designed to dissolve emotional traumas which could potentially alleviate physical discomfort.

The pinnacle of Level 12 introduces the learning of Energetic Cellular Regeneration, a progression that demands the sequential completion of all classes. The journey unfolds step by step, offering profound insights and transformative tools for those who embark on this empowering path.

Healing Courses

The most fun and transformative healing classes imaginable.

Divine Empowerment Levels

To give examples, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to learn in both Level 1 and Level 2

Tools for Meditation Mastery: Unveiling the art of swiftly attaining tranquillity.

Unveil the Hooks and Banish the Evil Eye: Identifying and clearing the lingering effects of others’ thoughts or shared traumas. A time to embark on a refreshing cleanse, fostering a happier and lighter self. Regular upkeep for an elevated you.

The Majestic Big Eraser: Effortlessly dissolve emotional trauma, both within yourself and others. The Big Eraser stands as the crowning gem within the Divine Empowerment collection. As you advance through the levels, this energy is refined for progressively profound work. In Level 1, it eradicates specific traumas, untangling isolated instances of emotional distress. The memory endures as a factual, yet impartial remnant, with the pain erased for eternity. In later stages, you’ll unravel the ability to dissolve longstanding emotional burdens, and even confront depression head-on.

Level 2 is a transformative journey that primarily centres on reawakening your dormant energetic and physical essence – a state that has remained untapped for millennia, save for a fortunate few. A thorough cleansing and activation are imperative, akin to unclogging a long-unused channel and then switching on its vibrant flow. Among the array of energies you’ll encounter, some are dedicated solely to your personal evolution, while others extend their reach to serve clients as well.

Another intriguing facet of this level is the captivating art of spoon bending. Not only is this a remarkably cool feat, serving as a playful party trick, but it’s also an ability our students can impart.

Embark on this enlightening journey as Level 2 propels you forward, bestowing invaluable tools and insights that will shape your personal growth and facilitate your ability to guide others toward well-being.