Rest and Restore An Online Sound Healing Meditation


Rest and Restore online Sound Healing Meditation hosted by Karen Sanz.

Sound baths are a deeply calming meditation experience designed to guide participants towards a state of relaxation, inner peace, and restoration. They leverage the power of sound therapy, combining soothing sounds and gentle guidance to create a profound sense of well-being.
Online sound baths tend not to be as immersive as an in-person experience, but I (Karen) have found that by infusing the session with Divine Empowerment energy healing and setting the intention for the frequencies, vibrations, and sounds to be amplified. Participants said they felt vibrations from the bowls and had become fully submerged.

Using DE on the technology also guarantees a glitch-free experience!

Every participant will go to their own unique place of healing where they will receive everything that is intended for them. When giving sessions, I also receive guidance; I play the bowls intuitively, listening to their sounds individually and as they harmonise. I even see the frequencies, just as some see auras.