Thank you Antonia for working on my energy and popping me back together after a wobble, you’re great.
Anthea Turner
TV Host / Personality
I’m a professional singer and have struggled with reoccurring tonsillitis for years. Whenever I would get run down my throat would always be the first thing to give up on me. I was constantly touring and getting extremely tired so I would get struck with tonsillitis. After one visit to Antonia I was tonsillitis free for 7 years! What she did was magic. I highly recommend going to visit Antonia and being on the receiving end of her healing powers
Diana Vickers
Professional Singer -London, UK.
I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first session with Antonia, but her friendly manner put me at ease right from the start and working with her was a pleasure. The results were also quite astounding – having suffered from a period of acute anxiety, I almost immediately felt more relaxed and joyful. I have since worked with Antonia a second time for a different issue and, again, have been pretty blown away.
Claire Chamberlain
I have known Antonia for years and I can confidently say that she has never disappointed me. I have seen her for physical issues and she has healed all problems (even those illnesses that many doctors have not been able to resolve). I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Antonia and feel reassured that I can rely on her for any other healing issues I may have in the future. Recently, I approached her for healing emotional distress, suicidal thoughts and depression. She was able to instantly associate the root of the problem and then was able to eliminate this problem in a single session. It was the quickest and most effective way forward. Almost instantly I felt the difference and in the days to follow I felt incredibly relaxed and peaceful. It has been months now and I feel the best I have been in almost 15 years. Love you Antonia. Xx
Lawyer -London, UK
I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over a decade. ‘The Big Eraser’ is the most effective tool I’ve ever seen, it’s as if the trauma never happened. Mind blowing!
Dimitri Rafopoulous
Psychotherapist -London, England
I took the highlights level one, Divine Empowerment course with Antonia privately for two days. It was very transforming, practical for daily life and fun to play with. Some of my very deep emotional and traumatic issue has been dissolved. I feel much more joyful and present in life.
Diana Miller (D.E. Student)
Sales and Acquisitions -Beijing, China -2018
I had a nasty fall rock climbing and damaged the cruciate ligament in my right knee. There was a considerable amount of pain and I was still limping 6 weeks later. After just one session with Antonia, the limp disappeared. I returned to her for treatment the next day and was able to play 18 holes of golf immediately afterwards with no problems whatsoever. Two days after that, I went skiing and my knee was completely normal and pain-free. An amazing achievement in just two days. Wow!.
Sales and Acquisitions -Beijing, China -2018
Antonia came to see me for physiotherapy with an acute partial tear of her right hamstring tendon. I treated her once, and that night she worked on herself energetically. Under my instruction she returned 3 days later for a follow up treatment. To my amazement she was completely recovered. Her hamstring was completely healed. It was an astounding recovery from a hamstring tear in just 3 days, when it should have taken usually from 8 days to 3 weeks. I have never seen such a fast recovery of a hamstring tear of that grade in my 11 years professional experience -very impressive techniques!
Esther Rodrigo
Physiotherapist MSCP -LondonA few years ago, I injured my leg in a Karate class. The damage was fairly serious and painful, so I consulted a physiotherapist for physical manipulation.
I have suffered from psoriasis for as long as I can remember. After one session with Antonia and a few days for the treatment to take affect it completely cleared. Astounding!
Steven Moynihan
Advertising Exec, Albion – London, UK
I’ve been modelling now for the last 10 years and have done campaigns for everyone from Calvin Klein underwear to Nivea to Valentino. And about 18 months ago, for some reason unknown to me I lost a patch of hair on my face in my beard, I tried everything I could to get in back, saw doctors, dermatologists etc. Finally, by chance I met Antonia, with one session, within 6 weeks it was fully back! Now I don’t normally believe in that kind of thing. I’m quite balanced and opened minded but it’s really opened my eyes up to that kind of medicine and healing now. I would highly recommend it! It may be able to help you too?
James Taylor
Fashion Model -London, UK
I came to see Antonia a few months ago and so glad I did. I am feeling a lot better and happier and things are looking up. I realise how much better off I am. Thank you for all your help, you are truly one in a million.
My experience with Antonia was amazing and honestly I was very happily surprised, as I am a bit of a sceptic. Before I met Antonia, I was extremely down with and emotionally depressed but after one session with Antonia, she made me feel alive again. I had so much energy and could not stop feeling so happy. I instantly became focused and motivated and was able to be my normal self again. I became a positive person and this was noticed by all my friends and family. I can honestly recommend Antonia as a person who has an amazing talent and power to heal people. I wish I had my own personal Antonia in my pocket to carry around everywhere I go.
Kris Sarma
Finance -London, UK -2015
I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first appointment, but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. I am amazed by the diversity of energy healing -I don’t seem to have any complaint that Antonia can’t remedy!
Katherine Barton
Conde Nast -London, UK
When I was desperate and explored different healing therapy I found Antonia, a little unsure what the process was I spoke to her and she explained how she could help me in an alternative way to what I’ve ever thought of or needed to approach in the past. After the first session I was totally transformed from the person I had become through my horrific ordeal and once again felt like I could move onwards in a positive way. I now see her on a regular basis and have recommended her highly to friends and family who she has also helped and to be honest I don’t know where I’d be without her – I believe there is not anything in life’s funny path that I wouldn’t consult Antonia on now. I’ve found a dedicated professional that’s extremely passionate in her work as well as finding a new friend in her. Thank you so far for the things that you have helped me with and thank you in advance for future dealings that I look forward to experiencing with you. Bless you Antonia x
Benedict Ficken
Audi -London, UK -2010
work as long-haul cabin crew, and for years have suffered from ear problems due to the repeated pressure changes. I have regular earaches and have suffered from perforated ear drums on various occasions. My GP told me it was all down to the job; I even saw a specialist who said the only thing that would improve it was to have a risky operation that only had a 50% success rate, and the cost was four and a half thousand pounds! During a particularly painful earache I visited Antonia who performed a healing on me. Her hand got very hot as she held it over my ear, I felt a warm sensation then a short sharp pain as she seemed to pull something from my ear. It was very strange, but the ache disappeared. I then explained about my repeated problems and asked her to treat the other ear, which she did. To this very day I have never suffered a single earache or problem with my ears. Please believe me when I say this really does work.
Lucie Elliott Joe Up
Senior Cabin Crew, Virgin Atlantic Airways -Brighton, England
After feeling emotionally drained I called Antonia for some well needed advice. I was really suffering due to past trauma and would have tried anything to stop feeling the way I did. After a telephone consultation I was with Antonia within 24hrs. The session was amazing, I don’t know how this lady works her magic, but it works! Also, Antonia has shown me some wonderful techniques I can work on myself to release bad energy! Well worth it. Thank you so far for the things that you have helped me with and thank you in advance for future dealings that I look forward to experiencing with you.
Sindy Kavanagh
Service industry -London, England
was terrified of flying. Every moment of the flight I would be so anxious, scared and panicked, longing to be on the ground. Since the healing I actually enjoy flying, I took a window seat and loved it. Such a change! Antonia performed a miracle on me for that I will be forever grateful. Please believe me when I say this really does work.
Chris Skordis
Criminology and Psychology student -London, England
My experience with DE is absolutely divine. After six years working with the energies my life and the lives of the people, I was able to help heal have changed dramatically. Children with lots of tantrums suddenly turned calm and happy after removing entities, allergies disappeared. Even cancer patients benefitted after removing traumas, restoring self-love. Wellness energy on the first level makes you strong, no more colds or flu! Thank you so far for the things that you have helped me with and thank you in advance for future dealings that I look forward to experiencing with you.
Dolly van Donk (D.E. Student)
Yoga teacher -Amsterdam, Holland
After ‘The Big Eraser’ I have felt more peace, love and freedom than ever before. Antonia’s work has lifted debilitating fatigue and past trauma no longer has a hold over me; although the memories remain, they no longer fuel emotion or have power. I feel freer to embrace life and all the change it brings and I’m profoundly grateful.
Anna Kotenko
Writer -London, England
D.E. has been an amazing and profound journey. The tools learnt have been life changing both for myself and others. Being able to make an impact on people’s lives and wellbeing by improving energy imbalances through the release of phobias, emotional trauma, allergies is a fraction of what is possible. D.E is a revelation in healing that fits in perfectly with our modern day world.
Kris Neocleous (D.E. Student)
Hairdresser -London, England -2016
I had been suffering from PTSD for some time and receiving EMDR treatment, which had been effective in reducing the ‘Charge’ related to the incident, which was driving the symptoms. I had been unable to fully escape the feeling of inherent and persistent danger. Antonia spent a few minutes with me in which I described the feelings that I was experiencing in relation to the incident. In that very short time, she was able to connect to the sensation and remove the very strong emotional charge. Afterwards I could still remember the events very clearly but I didn’t have the same terrifying sensation of re-living it all the time. It has been miraculously freeing. I can’t say that I understand how she does it but I am deeply grateful.
Brigitte Small
Finance -London, England