Our Story

Antonia, also known as the ‘Renegade Healer,’ defies conventions. She lives by the motto:-

“We don’t follow footsteps. We create our own path.”

Antonia has carved her trailblazing path and revolutionised the world of health and wellbeing. As a multi-award-winning healer, teacher and author, Antonia introduces a unique approach called ‘wizardry,’ which embodies evolved spiritual healing, enlightening and magic. Wizards have awakened to their true divine nature, unlike witches, who rely on various tools like cards, potions, and spells. Antonia firmly believes that we are gods with amnesia, and wizardry serves as the key to remembering our innate powers.

Unveiling the Origins: The Remarkable Journey of How It All Began

The journey began nearly two decades ago when Antonia encountered the intense suffering of her dear friend, Lucie. She was plagued by recurring burst eardrums, enduring excruciating pain regularly. Despite seeking medical help, the doctors remained uncertain about the cause of her condition. Their recommended course of action involved a costly surgery with a 50% success rate, not covered by the NHS. With limited options available, Lucie decided to proceed with the operation.

However, a significant turning point occurred when Lucie fell to the ground in agony one day. Desperate to help her, Antonia instinctively placed her hands on Lucie’s ears and channelled energy. To their surprise, something extraordinary unfolded before them.

A flow of energy coursed from Lucie’s ears, passing through Antonia’s hands and manifesting as a foot-long entity resembling heat waves, almost like a snake. With focused intention, Antonia directed her energy towards it, causing it to dissipate and disappear. As she repeated the process, another, smaller manifestation appeared on the other side. From that day forward in 2007, Lucie decided to cancel her surgery and miraculously never experienced earache again.

This transformative experience became a pivotal moment that forever changed the trajectory of Antonia’s life. It made her realise that, in some cases, conventional medicine would never have been able to help. Motivated by this revelation, she left behind her promising career in TV presenting and embarked on a profound journey of exploration and self-discovery.

How I Learned to Dissolve Trauma: Unveiling the Path to Healing and Freedom

The experience with Antonia’s friend Aimee during a panic attack was a profound turning point for understanding the nature of emotion as energy. As Aimee expressed her distress over losing her car keys, her anxiety escalated to the point where she believed she was having a heart attack. At that moment, an idea emerged within Antonia. Could she absorb Aimee’s anxiety and relieve her of its burden? Antonia acted upon this impulse; Aimee described an immediate shift, feeling “amazing” and even dancing in response. However, the effects on Antonia were quite different. Antonia was overwhelmed, experiencing intense emotions that manifested as tears streaming down her face.

Despite the intensity, Antonia managed to dissolve 30% of the absorbed anxiety, returning 30% to Aimee and retaining the remaining 40%, which she later released completely. This experience ignited a profound realisation within Antonia, leading her to embark on a journey of dissolving trauma.

Over time, Antonia has come to understand that stagnant trauma lies at the root of dis-ease. She has witnessed dis-eases sometimes vanish instantaneously by addressing and releasing these unresolved emotional energies. This belief has become the cornerstone of her work, as she continues to help others heal and find relief from the burdens of trauma-induced challenges.

Energetic Cellular Regeneration – We are the Med Beds

Antonia’s cellular regeneration technique originated from a critical situation involving her close friend Lisa. Lisa had a serious accident involving a blender that severely injured her finger. As time passed, her finger began to undergo necrosis, a condition characterised by cell death. In traditional medical approaches, necrosis often leads to the amputation of the affected area, and in Lisa’s case, discussions of skin grafts were underway as potential treatment options.

Influenced by the research of Nobel laureate Dr Otto Warburg, who studied cellular voltage, and Dr Robert Otto Becker, who explored the regenerative abilities of salamanders, Antonia formulated a hypothesis. Raising the voltage of Lisa’s injured finger might accelerate the healing process. Spontaneously, Antonia developed a new healing technique to put this idea into practice. Simultaneously, Antonia also applied the technique to herself. Astonishingly, Lisa’s necrotic finger showed dramatic signs of improvement within a week; it was no longer black, which is a medical impossibility, and Antonia’s energy levels skyrocketed. Subsequently, Antonia noticed a rejuvenation in her youthfulness and vitality.

Following that breakthrough, Antonia has witnessed remarkable outcomes, in numerous cases, further supporting the potential of Energetic cellular regeneration. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Energetic cellular regeneration may be the key to unlocking a fountain of youth, suggesting that the vitality and rejuvenation typically associated with youth need not be limited to the young. This realisation opens new possibilities for individuals of all ages to experience profound transformations in their health and well-being.