Subscriber’s Choice – Fear of Failure & Success


In this month’s session, the subscribers chose to focus on the fear of success and failure.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and crippled at certain points when envisioning the future. I believe that ‘The only way out is through’. If you spend time working through what could go wrong in your wildest nightmares, come to terms or surrender to that, then start to wind back to what might realistically go wrong, you are prepared and in a good position to push forward. If you add to that a sprinkle of magic and remove the emotions associated with things not going as planned, then when you hit a bump in the road, not only are you prepared, you no longer stress and can easily adapt to the changing conditions.

I asked participants to work through all their fears and worst-case scenarios related to both failure and success around whatever they were aiming for. This practice works for partners, jobs, dream homes, and anything else you focus on.

I then worked on external and internal sabotages, from people not wanting you to grow to self-deprecating thoughts.

This is a wonderful session for anyone who isn’t quite where they want to be and are ready to take steps towards their dreams.