Emotional Spring Clean, Pain Release Package – Shame, Grief, Guilt & Regret – Pre-Recorded


Antonia will melt your troubles away, by magically dissolving the negative emotions from your past. There is nothing to lose but your pain.

Spring clean your past pain in this once-in-a-lifetime recorded event. Never before has Antonia dissolved Grief, Guilt, Shame and Regret in a single event.

Antonia will start by stilling your monkey mind. Then she will pick a lucky audience member and dissolve the negative emotions associated with a harrowing memory.

She will then work to dissolve your suffering, suffering from situations haunting you from the past. Antonia will work in turn through your Grief, Guilt, Shame and Regret. All you need to do is connect to the feelings and allow Antonia to delete their energetic resonance. Play a movie montage of your trauma in your mind, and Antonia will melt their pain, leaving you feeling neutral and at peace with your past.

Emotion is simply energy in motion after nearly 20 years of trance work. Antonia has discovered how to dissolve the pain from troubling memories instantly.

As a special bonus Antonia also increased participants lung capacity, most people had doubled by the end of the session and yours may too!