Connecting To Your Body with Vanessa Holzer


Vanessa is a Divine Empowerment Advanced Practitioner and an Energy Healer, Reader and Transmuter. She can read, feel, and see energies within people and on the planet. She was born with a deep understanding of how the world works; she has the ability to connect to the Spirit world, and she channels messages. She has extensive life experiences, with the purpose of assisting people to reconnect to themselves, heal and live life with ease… With that, she is here to offer assistance in Connecting to Our Bodies on a Daily Basis.

During this talk, Vanessa will delve into the importance of reconnecting with our body, the factors that often lead to our disconnection, and most importantly, she will provide practical ways to assist you in re-establishing that vital connection with your body. This process will enable you to live a more soulful life filled with fullness and grace.