Antonia Live: Connecting and Healing Together


Confidence-Boosting Healing and Live Q&A with Antonia and Ashtar Update!

Step into a transformative healing experience with Antonia, where she tapped into the audience’s needs, and what resonated strongly was the call for “confidence-boosting.” In this dynamic live event, we navigated through four healing rounds, addressing various aspects of confidence that may have been shaken by life’s challenges.

Highlights of the Healing Journey:

  1. Confidence Blocks: Unraveling situations that impacted confidence.
  2. People Pleasing Examples: Delving into instances of self-betrayal for the sake of others.
  3. Self-Betrayal Round Two: A deeper exploration into the complexities of self-betrayal, it was bigger than expected.
  4. Confidence Booster: Cultivating a renewed sense of confidence.

By envisioning and working through these stages, participants emerged feeling calm, present, unburdened, and joyous. You, too, can experience this transformation by simply watching and following along.