Subscriber’s Choice – Choose Your Own Adventure: “Stepping into Your Power”


During our latest workshop, I opened by delving into an exciting new development—I have been working on a cutting edge weight loss energy based on ozempic and ‘set point’ theory. This pioneering energy is slated to become an integral part of our upcoming level 15 class.

Next participants were invited to choose their own adventues, we decided to embarked on a personal journey to ‘Step into Their Power.’ The session commenced with a thought-provoking exercise: imagining the worst-case scenario of embracing their own power. By identifying and eliminating associated negative emotions and adding a little magic participants managed to scale their fears back to more realistic circumstances. After repeating this process thrice, they felt either neutral or positively about stepping into their power. It was a revelatory experience as many recognised their apprehensions about being in the spotlight and the vulnerability it entails. Most importantly, they learned that it’s perfectly alright to be oneself.

To cap off the session, I turbo-boosted everyone’s ability to harness their newfound power. This boost will be significantly augmented by a focal point in our upcoming manifesting workshop, promising even greater breakthroughs. Stay tuned, as stepping into your power is just the beginning!

To reap these benifits of this healing simply watch this video and follow along.