I’m doing not one but TWO free healing events tomorrow!

Hey Tribe,

I had a feeling that boredom may already have set in, and that you may be looking for a little entertainment and possibly even education?

If that’s the case boy do I have a fun night in store for you!
Tomorrow night at 17:00 I will be dissolving phobias live on zoom.

“Whether its snakes, snails, clowns, or claustrophobia renowned healer Antonia Harman and her team of Divine Empowerment practitioners are here to help!

All you need to do is attend with an open mind and let Antonia and her team show you how to clear even the most severe phobias!”

If that is not enough at 20:15 we have a second event! In this one, my team of practitioners and I will be dissolving solo trauma events

“Antonia believes that emotion is energy. Do you ever spend time with someone who is sad and upset and you feel it immediately? You carry the negative emotion around after and this has a negative effect on your mind, body and soul.

During this event, Antonia will ask participants to feel the emotions one last time. All participants need to do is tune into their feelings, to feel it and Antonia will dissolve the pain. Your memory remains but you are no longer suffering from the emotional trauma. The Buddhists call it ’non-attachment’.

Antonia and her team will be working on a variety of solo trauma events, break-ups, grief and abuse of any kind. Participants will be called onto the camera for this exclusive Zoom event so they can briefly explain their situation. Their pain will then be erased forever after the short and unique session with Antonia during the event.”

As an extra bonus, I wanted to share a video, watch as the team and I dissolve Joan’s trauma from being diagnosed with cancer.

We look forward to working with you all tomorrow! Please share and invite friends as tickets are limited to this FREE event.

With love and thanks,


Antonia Harman
Founder, Divine Empowerment

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