Wanna see me in action? Well here’s your chance!

Hey Tribe, 

Are you interested in healing but haven’t quite got around to it? Perhaps you think I’m a big fat liar, that I can’t really instantly dissolve trauma?

Well if you are around on Wednesday at 7:30pm  BST you can see for yourself as I’m live on Zoom with the Mind Body Spirit. for FREE! 

Demonstrating instantly dissolving emotional trauma, phobias and heartbreak – an interactive workshop

About this Event

An energetic understanding of dis-ease plus a group healing erasing grief and loss from emotional trauma expert and renowned healer Antonia Harman.

Join Antonia as she explains her view on how emotional trauma is the root cause of all dis-ease. If you have suffered loss and or grief this talk is the one for you. She will begin by quieting your mind into stillness. Antonia will then be dissolving stagnated emotions. All you need do is feel them one final time and allow her to erase the pain. You will be amazed by how much better you will feel!

I’m also doing one-hour healing workshops on Monday and Tuesday and monthly after that.
We have Breaking Up with HeartbreakChanging the taste of WineClearing PhobiasElevate your happinessGrief -How to move on when a loved one passes & Spoon bending. They are all just £50 and a great way to sample the work.

In addition, I was in Planet Mindful this week, the article was on ‘Staycations’.

Have an amazing weekend,

With love.


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