Footage of me instantly dissolving trauma!

Hey Tribe, 

I hope you are well and happy.

I wanted to share the footage from the Zoom call I did on Monday. It was an interactive workshop We started by quietening the group’s monkey mind, that is quite a shock to most people. We then worked on Rodica’s fear of drowning which was a doozy. Rianna had been betrayed by her ex and had worries about finding new love, that is no more. We then worked on Mary as her downing phobia was half-cleared when we worked on Rodica.

Here is the link to view the footage.

I have chosen to be rather bold in my next online event. On level 2 most of the students have what is nothing short of miracles. Body pain that has been with them often for decades is dissolved permanently in class.

So I have decided to

‘Erase body aches and physical pain’

I have never done a talk offering this service before but thought it was time to really show what we can do. I will have the support of a number of level 5 practitioners so I feel confident that we will be able to WOW you. The event is in conjunction with Mind Body Spirit, and here is the link for that. It’s a free event on October 14th at 7:30pm. Here is the link to register.

I’m teaching a new level 1 class today which is always fun.

Have a great weekend!



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