I pulled a snake out of my friends ear & healed her! – Mirror

Hey Tribe!
I wanted to share with you the wonderful article from The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook.

It really is click-bait what a fun title!

“Sky TV presenter changes career after vision of snake coming out of friend’s ear”

“Former Sky presenter Antonia Harman, 39, describes the awesome vision of a snake emerging from her sick friend’s ear that revealed her talent for energy healing.”

In her own words, healer Antonia Harman reveals how her abilities to help people in pain were highlighted by one dramatic recovery…

My best friend Lucie was totally unflappable. As a straight-talking flight attendant from Carlisle, she’d handled plenty of tricky situations at 30,000ft with charm and a smile.”
I appeared in the print version as well as online.

I taught level 5 last weekend and holy-moly we had some huge breakthroughs. Many dis-ease can now be resolved in a few minutes. worked on a lady with fibromyalgia this week and she was completely pain-free in just 15 minutes. She had suffered for over 20 years with it. It is a very exciting time for Divine Empowerment. That’s not even the half of it!

I’m excited to be teaching level 2 today. I can’t wait to see you in class soon!



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