New One Hour Workshops

Hey Tribe!

I hope you are well and happy. I have some new offering that I wanted to share with you this week, One-hour classes:-

Spoon bending – Learn to bend a spoon or fork. The metal becomes malleable and bends with ease.

Changing the taste of wine – This is a great party trick. Learn how to dramatically change the taste of red wine.

Breaking up with heartbreak – It’s time to be free from your ex once and for all. Be at peace with the one that got away.

Grief how to move forward when a loved one passes – This will help to clear any residual grief you are suffering from.

Clearing phobias – No matter if you are scared of clowns or spiders, aeroplanes or the dark. None of them needs to destroy your peace anymore.

Elevate your happiness – Who doesn’t want to be happier? Maybe you are feeling a little low or you simply want to be a little perkier?

They are all just £50.

I have also had another amazing week for press. I have appeared for the first time in Glamour as well as Health & Wellbeing.

The Glamour article is called “Bath Vs Shower” I take a twist on that and speak about Hot Vs cold water and the benefits of each.

The Health & Wellbeing article is called “Trauma How To Cope. According to a Healer”.

I am also in Net Doctor for the second time. This article is on the benefits of grounding,

Finally, I am in the Sunday Mirror’s supplement Notebook tomorrow so if you want to buy a carbon copy pop to the newsagent and get one. It’s about how I healed my friend and started my spiritual journey.

I’m also teaching level 5 tomorrow so I am busy putting the finishing touches to that class.

Have an amazing week.



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