This weeks coverage Marie Claire and Energy Healing Magazine

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This week I was interviewed by Marie Claire Magazine on the benefits of Cold Water Therapy.

Here is an excerpt from the article 

Antonia shares: “A small study on cyclists from 2011 concluded that cold water therapy reduces the symptoms of DOM’s or delayed onset muscle soreness. So, if you ache like crazy after training especially when you are trying a new sport or have had a break from it, a cold shower may save you from pain later.”

How does this work? Well, she explains, cold can help to numb pain by constricting blood vessels, which in turn helps to reduce swelling. That’s why ice is a great remedy for anything from bee stings to sprained ankles.

I was also featured in ‘Energy Healing Magazine’ with an article titled ‘What is dis-ease?’

Here is a snippet from the article:-

“I think that dis-ease is far more simple than we have assumed it to be. I have made some discoveries that I wanted to share with the Energy Healing Magazine audience. Discoveries that may be too far down the rabbit hole for the mainstream at present? Hold onto your hats it’s time to paradigm shift!”

I hope you enjoy them!

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