Why 4.4% have PTSD. How to spot the signs and what you can do?

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This week I wanted to share an article I wrote about PTSD.

Here is a snippet of it:

According to Mind, a 2016 study showed that 4.4% of people suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in England. It is possible that this number may be an underestimate, for two reasons. One, Mental health issues are on the rise (this study is taken every 7 years). Two, the study was taken from people who live in private housing. It does not include those who are homeless, incarcerated, people living in hospitals or in shelters who are probably more likely to suffer from PTSD.
So, what is PTSD?
“When something traumatic happens in your life,it rocks you to the core. The world is no longer a safe place. It becomes somewhere that bad things can and do happen”.
PTSD comes in multiple forms, ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, and ‘severe’ as well as ‘delayed onset’, ‘complex’ which relates to ongoing abuse often from childhood, and ‘birth trauma’. I think the statistics are far lower than reality and that many people are simply undiagnosed. Of course, people with severe PTSD may well be known and undergoing treatment, but people on the lower end of the scale may not even realise that they have it. I come across people with associated symptoms regularly.

Please follow the link to read the full article.

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