Another busy week of articles for you to enjoy!

Hey Tribe,

I hope you are well. I have had a busy week for articles! I have been writing almost non-stop. Divine Empowerment is really gaining a much wider audience, which is wonderful.

The first article sets out how to emotionally reset after a breakup.

Next, we have my top 10 tips on how to help with your anxiety and control your emotions during COVID-19.

I also wrote a Dr reviewed piece for Net Doctor, which is a very prestigious website. This was picked up by Yahoo. This article was on how past trauma might be impacting your life.

I’m in the Sunday Star, tomorrow, giving advice to people worried about coming out of lockdown. You may want to buy the paper?

I have had some major breakthroughs in my work that I’ll share soon. I am just field testing it all. I’m teaching the re-vamped level 3 this weekend for the first time, which I am very excited about. It will be action packed! I will have some videos from class in next weeks newsletter.

Have an amazing weekend.

With love,


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