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It has been a busy week for me! I have written 10 articles which are going out to various publications in the coming weeks. I will keep up to date when they land.

I’m teaching my level 1 this weekend which is always a lot of fun. I love initiating new Wizards.

I had 2 articles come out this week which I wanted to share with you, with a little excerpt.

The first is from the Higher Self.

Have you ever experienced issues with self-doubt or confidence? Or think about a negative experience you had in the past, that plays on and on in your mind?

For over a decade, trauma release healer Antonia Harman has helped clients unravel stagnation standing in their way from the past in order to liberate them. Antonia believes that if negative energy, associations and thought patterns are not removed, they can lead to emotional and physical pain. Helping people out of that space is where her practice with trance and healing work comes in, through classes and sessions carried out in person or online.

The second actually appeared in 5 places 2 of them MSM 2 were made into a video for the Daily Motion, the final one as for The Talented Ladies Club.

‘How to emotionally re-set after lockdown’

Lockdown has been the strangest of times. Priorities have shifted, what was once important matters less, and the little things we took for granted we have started to appreciate in a new and profound way.

Transitioning out of lockdown over the coming weeks and months will require a big emotional adjustment, and Antonia Harman, a renowned emotional trauma expert and healer at Divine Empowerment has shared with us how to reset our thinking during this time.

MSM version 1
MSM version 2

Video Version 1
Video Version 2

The Talented Ladies Club

Have an amazing weekend!

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