The densification of emotion into disease

Hello, my lovely tribe!

I’m in excited to be in Birmingham this weekend teaching my level 1 class. I’ll tell you all about it next week.

Today I want to discuss the densification of emotion into disease.

I had a client a few years ago, whose mother had breast cancer. She had come home to die, as the doctors could do nothing more to help. Her husband had passed away a few years before. I believe that her grief had caused the cancer. Many people, who have cancer, have had a heart-breaking shock or situation happen prior to being diagnosed, often within 3-6 months.

Her daughter,  Mary was my client. She was also in deep grief, following the death of her father. Interestingly she had a lump in exactly the same place as her mother had cancer.

Clearing grief is pretty standard to me. We all suffer from it, from time to time. It’s often overwhelming. Thankfully, for most people, this is short-lived and we move on. Mary hadn’t yet moved on. It had been years, and she, like her mother,  was still deeply upset. I started to clear Mary’s grief, which should only take a few minutes at the most. It didn’t shift. It was like channeling through tar or mud. It felt a lot more solid than I had seen before.

I spent many additional hours working on her after the initial session. I was determined to fully clear this grief. It was a learning opportunity for me. It was also what she had paid me for!

It took me several days to clear the grief. Once it was finally gone and she was much more able to cope with the death of her father,  THE LUMP VANISHED!

I believe that she was pre-cancerous or maybe in the early stages of it? Once the grief went so did the lump. It seems that the lump was caused by the grief?

It is my belief that thoughts cause dis-ease. They cause everything. Thought is the seed of all things created by man.

Think about it.

The phone, tablet or PC you are using to read this, was initially created by thought. A team of extremely smart people imagined it into existence. They thought about how it would function, what it could do, how it would look. Then they made the parts to build it. The same goes for the chair you are sitting on. Everything, that is man-made, started as a thought. The Christian creation story works in the same way. God thought the world into existence.

Thoughts cause emotions. Something great happens and you have a dump of the happy hormones. Serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine etc. Then you feel happy. Something bad happens and the same happens to the stress hormones. Cortisol, adrenaline, glucagon etc.

It is my firm belief that thoughts cause everything, including disease.

I think that it is the densification of negative thoughts that causes disease. It’s simply a change of state. Gas, liquid, solid. The more upset we are for a prolonged time, the denser it all becomes.
Clearing grief is pretty easy for me these days. Literally, it is a fog of stagnated energy in a person’s field. This can evaporate naturally by simply moving on and forgiving the situation and the people involved. If you do not move on, it densifies and becomes more and more stagnated and solid.

Mary’s lump dissolved when her emotions did. This is strong anecdotal proof of my theory. It is also not only my theory, as it has been spoken about by many spiritual masters over the ages. It just became a lot more visceral to me whilst working on Mary. I pieced it together more for my own understanding.

Everything man-made is created by thought initially. Why not disease too?

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