Student clears crippling spider phobia and student class reviews

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Wow what a weekend that was. I spent it in Birmingham teaching my level 1 class. It may have been the best class yet so many miracles. Ones in addition to normal syllabus. Let me start by giving a little background info before I share a video.

Now, this is on the second morning of class. Paige had never done a healing on anyone before. She had a brief experience of self-healing the day before. Shonagh had a crippling spider phobia. So much so that she was often nervous to go into the garden although she loved nature. The word ‘spider’ was banned from her home, she was unable to go into a room for weeks after seeing one. She would have a ‘melt-down’ if she ever did see one, possibly a panic attack or freezing in fear. She couldn’t even say the word herself. Her family had seen at least 10 therapists and spent thousands on this and other issues, to little effect.

After 4 minutes using the Divine Empowerment techniques Paige was able to fully dissolve the phobia. So much so that Sarah, Shonagh’s mum was in utter dis-belief, Shonagh was even joking about getting a pet spider! Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself. FYI it is 15 minutes long, I wanted to include all the reactions.

If that is not enough here are the testimonials from 3 grateful, and happy students. 1, 2, 3

If this inspires you, I have one space left for the next London class February 1-2nd I also have space March 7-8th, June 13-14th. Birmingham has availability April 4-5th in London.

Also please look at the photo below to see how the students look at the beginning versus end of class, how much happier and more relaxed do they look? I know it’s a brighter day, but they are radiant, illuminated.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Antonia Harman
Founder, Divine Empowerment

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