Beasties and Affliction

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I learned something new the other day that I think I should share.
If you are a regular reader, you will be familiar with my concept of smentities. I think that a lot of our negative self-talk is, in fact, caused by these little blighters whose objective is to feed on our pain and suffering.

I’ve now seen that there are bigger and stronger smentities that I’m calling ‘beasties’. Now, these are the ones that really get in and manipulate thoughts. They are ‘reverse cheerleaders’. I have come to the conclusion, recently, that they have a big part to play in addiction, suicide, obsession, and even serial killers.

If you have seen any serial killers interviewed, they tend to say that they had voices telling them to do it. Addiction can be similar. In addiction you are said to always want to be an addict. The process to escape from addiction is to take one day at a time. If they have their drug of choice, they want more more more. There is no moderation. I think that our auras and energy systems or force-fields become weakened by drink and drugs. This allows the smentities, or worse, the beasties in. The clue is even in the name. We drink ‘Spirits’. That could sound like an over-simplification but as soon as people have a few drinks they can become more dramatic, almost possessed, unlike when they are sober and sound of mind.

I think beasties are the final component in disease.

In a recent blog I spoke of how I think that disease is simply the densification of emotion. Emotion is gas and it solidifies into disease. I wholeheartedly believe this solidification is due to thought. That negative thoughts are intensified by smemtities or beasties.  The more negative thoughts we have, the more likely we are to contract a disease.
I have a wonderful book that I reference called ‘Metaphysical Anatomy’ by Evette Rose. She managed to find the ‘why’ of disease. I read it in sessions to clients and it’s always spot on. Everyone who hears it is mind-blown by how true the words are to them.

I spoke to a Muslim lady a few weeks ago who told me about ‘affliction’. Affliction is a fundamental part of Islam. It relates very well to my idea of beasties.

You may well get beasties when you have:-
1)     Too much adoration without blessing – This sounds very like the 10th Commandment – Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, nor
his farm, nor his cattle, not anything that is his!
2)     Envy
3)     Magic
4)     Jinn

They have a process to clear beasties too. They do wet cupping or blood cupping, also known as Hijama where they make little scores in your skin and use vacuum cups to draw out the blood. Darren and I had it done the other day to try it out. All this weird goop comes out. It’s ‘bad blood’ so stagnation or toxins. The blood that comes out is a jelly, or worse it looks like liver. It’s a good detox technique as it gets things moving again, especially if you have tightness or an injury. If you have an affliction, they also play the Koran. Beasties hate hearing the Koran so often they leave after one or several sessions. Sometimes people even make ‘the sign of the beast’ which is used a lot in rock music. The first and little finger pointing straight and the index and ring finger bent. That surprised me as I didn’t realise that was what it apparently is?

I found it fascinating that I came to some conclusions about mental health that have actually been spoken about in religious texts unbeknown to me. It’s a Muslim mental health treatment that is less known to westerners as it sounds bizarre. Does this resonate with you at all?

I can treat besties with pure energy, which probably makes things a little easier. Wet cupping is a little brutal but is an interesting detox technique.

Below is a picture of Darren’s back.
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