Let’s talk about death

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How are you today?

SO, I wanted to talk about death. Whilst in Thailand I spoke to a lady called Salma, whose mother had recently passed. We went to my room and I did my usual healing. She was pretty grief stricken as you can imagine, so I asked her to tune into her pain and I dissolved it instantly.

When she was feeling better, she told me an interesting story. Her mother was in a hospice for the last of her days. She was visited regularly by the family. Salma was the closest to her and really didn’t want to lose her wonderful mother.

One day her mother seemed to be delirious. Saying the strangest things. She was begging Salma for the ‘Key’. What Key? thought Salma. Her mother was bedridden and had no need for a key.

Salma spoke to a healer who worked at the hospice. Out of the blue, she asked if her mother was asking for anything.  Apparently, this is common-place when people are close to the end. They ask for a key, or a door, or a padlock. They feel that they are being locked down by their loved ones and are ready to go. They need permission to leave.

Salma went back to her mother and offered her the ‘imaginary’ key. She passed peacefully, that night, surrounded by her family. I found that such an interesting story that the key was the last thing holding her to this plain.


I have another interesting story too. Darren’s uncle recently committed suicide. When we were at the funeral we took some snacks. The paper plate was stained with beetroot and salad cream, in the shape of an angel or fairy. We took that as a sign that he had found peace. Have a look for yourself and let me know if you can see it too?


I’m also looking forward to teaching in Birmingham next weekend and London on  1st and 2nd February. See you there!


Have a great week.


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