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Dear Tribe,

Well, what a crazy week this is! Are you all on lockdown? If so why not join me on Talk Radio on Saturday morning? I will be on the Mark Doland show interviewed by Lizzie Cundy at around 10:45, for 10 minutes. We will be doing a group healing to help lift some of this global anxiety that so many are suffering from currently. Here is a link. It gives various options of how to listen to the show. If you would like to listen live directly through their site you should be able to do so via this link.

The other exciting news, that I have this week, is that I’m also in an article for the Luxury Chapter so that is pretty exciting too. A big week for me.

As everyone is stuck at home I have decided to put an additional level 1 class on. This will be for on-line students only. We may as well make use of this time and perhaps study things we were meaning to or haven’t had time to do as yet. You can learn from the comfort of your home probably via Zoom or Skype or a combo thereof. I regularly teach via the internet so this is nothing new. The energy works the same. I do have people pair up which you can do via calls. I do teach dowsing, and normally provide a pendulum. If you respond in time, and we are not locked down, I could post you one? If you have one, of course, please use that, alternatively, a makeshift one would work just as well. All you need is a well-balanced necklace which has some weight to it and can swing freely.

As many of us are concerned about the financial implications of the virus, I will drop the price for the class from £250 to £200. Below is what we learn in the class.

  • Meditation tools. This will teach you to drop into stillness instantly
  • Dowsing -How to use a pendulum.
  • Hooks/ Evil Eye identifying and clearing. We can be affected by others thoughts, or shared trauma. Time to spring clean. Regular maintenance will make for a happier you.
  • The Big Eraser to instantly dissolve emotional trauma in yourself and others. The Big Eraser is really the jewel in the Divine Empowerment crown. As you progress through the levels, this energy will be upgraded for deeper and deeper work. In level 1, it can be used on specific traumas, a solo situation, to dissolve the stagnation of heavy emotions. The memory will remain factual but neutral, the pain erased forever. In later levels you will learn to dissolve long-standing emotional pain and even depression.
  • Instant pain relief -Bill McKenna technique.
  • Multiple fun energies that can be taught to and shared with friends e.g. how to change the taste of wine using magic. It’s the ultimate party trick!
  • Chakra Master Blaster, to upgrade and activate your chakra system.
  • Some one to one personal work from me where needed.

The class will be next weekend the 28-29th March. 10:30am until 4/5pm. It really is a great time to start to learn how to heal yourself and evolve. If you are interested please drop me an email.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Stay well.

With love,


PS Next week I will tell you all about how I cleared my Ovarian Cyst with Divine Empowerment energy work and I have pictures of the ultrasound to prove it! Learning to heal is really important. It might even save your life…

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