About last week…

Hello Tribe,

I hope you are well, and happy.

Last weekend, I taught in Birmingham, which was terrific fun. Huge breakthroughs. I swear each time I teach the work gets more profound.

Two of the Goddesses were comfortable to speak about the class, this is what they said.

Below is a before and after picture of the Goddesses, (please excuse the typo). What a difference a day makes!

This weekend I will be teaching my new level 2 for the first time. I’m very much looking forward to it. Level 2 is largely about fortifying the body, as well as bigger work with clearing trauma. It also includes Spoon bending which is just such fun.

There may be a mid-week update, as I have something exciting in the works, so please look out for that.

For now,  have a fabulous week, and stay well away from this blasted virus.


With love,



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