Higher vs. Lower Level Magic: A Guide

Hey Tribe!

Have you heard the terms “higher-level magic” or “lower-level magic”? Possibly not, it is considered an obscure concept. A quick Google search doesn’t even yield obvious results. I was told it by a friend who has studied magic quite deeply through various mystery schools. 

Let me explain.

So, the majority of the healing / energy work you are familiar with is lower-level magic. This is not a judgment (not my term), but rather simply an ancient occult knowledge retold.

If you look at wicca, shamanism, reiki, psychic surgery, theta healing, angelic work, spirit plants hoodoo (voodoo is a religion hoodoo is ‘folk magic’ commonly muddled) or any other wonderful magical modality, you will know that they all have elements to assist the work. They may be spells, ceremonies, spirits, angels, symbols, potions, angels, fairies, the coven or even demons if we get into the black world. The common and uniting factor is that they all have an intermediary, a middle-man helping the work along. This is how it has been for centuries and how these amazing practices have survived and are effective. It’s truly wonderful that energy work has been kept alive and had flourished during the ‘dark ages’.

Higher-level magic is different. You do the doing. Let me explain that a little more. You, my dear, are a God with amnesia. 

You and I have forgotten how marvellous we truly are. Our planet and solar system are on a cycle as our sun rotates around a black sun. This takes just shy of 26,000 years. There is lot of evidence towards this which is highly technical. I recommend looking into David Wilcock’s work he talks about it in detail. His research is quite astounding. (

The procession sees the energy around us and within us change dramatically. Meaning when our planet is in the right place, our spiritual superpowers emerge.

In higher-level magic, you don’t need an intermediary to assist the work. You do it, simply by thinking or intending to do it. That’s it. The tricky part is unlocking those innate skills. 

That’s where I come in. I’ve spent a huge portion of the last 12 years in a trance removing the blockages that prevented me from realising my abilities. We all have these skills locked up tight and now is the time to release them.

That’s what I teach. It’s not really teaching its rather removing the blocks, and releasing the innate seemingly magical abilities you didn’t even know you had.

How cool is that?

That why ‘The Big Eraser’ works so consistently. It’s normal to do it. 

Let me give you a little metaphor which may help understand this concept:

Imagine you landed on a planet where everyone was crippled. They had never used their legs they had instead worked out ingenious ways around this and were happy as anything.

You rock up, walking about – even running and doing a little dance. These people are blown away. They had no idea that was possible and you look rather exciting to them. You are standing they scratching your head wondering why the heck they have never used their legs?

Well that’s very similar to my work. I am slowly rediscovering what my legs are for. They are terribly atrophied but starting to work, and it’s awesome.

I’m doing the doing simply by releasing my blocks which I tell you has been no mean feat. The great thing for you is you don’t need to live a monastic life to do it as I did and many monks and wise men and healers have. We are moving into a golden age where I and others can start to release your latent spiritual super powers.

Who’s with me?

Have a fab week.

With love,



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