Burn Baby Burn and Welcome New Tribes People

Hey Tribe!

Well that was another whirlwind weekend! All my weekends seem to be that way at the moment! As I mentioned last week, I was at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival in Birmingham. Stacks more people joined the tribe which was fantastic.

If you are a new member of the tribe, welcome! I’m excited to help awaken your abilities, as well as help facilitate a new sense of peace.

I’m teaching from my home in London this weekend which will be a blast. It’s such fun blowing people’s minds! The main issue that students have with my healing techniques is its simplicity. They can truly heal as easily as they can. The absence of steps is strangely confusing.

This week I wanted to tell you of a personal development. A possible quantum leap in my abilities which shines a light on where we are heading.

So, I was making breakfast for Darren (my boyfriend) and I on Tuesday morning. I had a hankering for bubble and squeak. To really crispen off the dish, I decided to stick it under the grill. I left it there for 10 minutes and stuck it back on the hob. My plan was to remove the sweet potato goodness and re-use the pan to fry up some eggs. I totally forgot that the pan had just been under the grill and grabbed the handle to lift out the food.

Well OUCH! As you can imagine my whole hand was in searing pain. I had wrapped my palm and fingers around the handle and burned myself quite badly. I rushed to run it under the cold tap, where I stood wincing.

Then I thought to myself. I wonder if I can heal it? I have had success with burns before. I burned my finger on a hair straightener, and managed to turn from blister to healed in 10 minutes with one intention. This was a more serious burn, my whole hand, (my poor hand).

As I was standing at the tap, cold water in full force, I started using my fave energy for the moment which is called “taking out the trash”. It’s the most advanced energy I have discovered as it clears traumas, obsessions, anxiety and the like.

I was running the energy and frankly getting a little bored. As soon as I stopped running  ‘taking out the trash’ searing pain came. Whilst running it, I was pain free. This went on for 10 minutes, I was at the tap on and off with my water cascading over my hand.

Then I had an epiphany, a eureka moment, brought on by pain and boredom in equal parts. I wondered if I could put ‘taking out the trash’ on a loop? So, it kept going without my attention? This would prevent the pain and allow me to eat my rather lovely brekky in peace.

Well let me tell you it ruddy worked.

From a burn like that I would expect to get a pretty nasty blister across the whole of my palm. All I got was a teeny weeny blister. It was maybe one centimetre by half a centimetre. A very small and soft looking blister, the sort you get when your shoes don’t quite fit. Nothing too bad at all. Even more interestingly by Wednesday the blister had completely healed, just a slight discolouration on Thursday that I really needed to look to find it.

This is excellent news as I think that it will have very important implications for healing physical diseases. If this can work in the background it means healing can be continuous, not just in a session. My sense is if we get the obstacles out the way the body can heal itself.

I’ve called it ‘taking out the trash for good’.

This is new territory for me. I’m discovering new things all the time.

Thanks for jumping down the rabbit hole with me. It’s a fun time.

I think I want to play more with this. If you have a disease/ long term ailment please get in touch the first few I will work on pro-bono to explore this more deeply – providing you let me use the data as a case study.

Have a fab weekend,

With love,


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