Birmingham Wellbeing Festival

Hey Tribe,

Well this is another whirlwind weekend! I’m at the Birmingham NEC once more showcasing my work. If you are one of the new people I met yesterday, welcome. Yesterday was incredible, I was the first on the main stage at the Birmingham Wellbeing Festival, opening the event. The doors opened just 30 minutes before I was to hit the stage and we had a full house, which was wonderful. I wanted to share some footage from the event with you.


The footage below shows 2 ladies on stage. The first Elaine with grief around her husbands passing, and the second lady, Jane was speaking about her daughter Alice’s experiences. I met Alice at the London Mind Body Soul event a few weeks back. She was shocked by how effective my healing had been. I think it’s better that you watch it for yourselves to see what it is that I really do.


Pretty awesome right?

If you are interested in learning to clear trauma for yourselves I do have some space on the upcoming workshops. They are in London and Birmingham. I decided to put a Birmingham workshop on last minute in addition to the London ones and it nearly sold out yesterday! I will add an extra Birmingham date due to the high demand. They are January 18-19th and now March 7-8th, the price for Birmingham is a little more than London £220 as I keep the groups small and I have to hire a venue. The price will hold for this weekend only its normally £250, if you want to pay a £50 deposit I will hold the cheaper price for you. London dates are below too and the price is just £170 for the next 2 days. What a deal!

Just to remind you once again,

Level one highlights includes:

  • Meditation tools. This will teach you to drop into stillness instantly.
  • Dowsing – How to use a pendulum.
  • Hooks/ Evil Eye identifying and clearing. We can be affected by others thoughts, or shared trauma. Time to spring clean. Regular maintenance will make for a happier you.
  • The Big Eraser to instantly dissolve emotional trauma in yourself and others. The Big Eraser is really the jewel in the Divine Empowerment crown. As you progress through the levels, this energy will be upgraded for deeper and deeper work. In level 1, it can be used on specific traumas, a solo situation, to dissolve the stagnation of heavy emotions. The memory will remain factual but neutral, the pain erased forever. In later levels you will learn to dissolve long standing emotional pain and even depression.
  • Instant pain relief -Bill McKenna technique.
  • Multiple fun energies that can be taught to and shared with friends e.g. how to change the taste of wine using magic. It’s the ultimate party trick!
  • Chakra Master Blaster, to upgrade and activate your chakra system.
  • Some one to one personal work from me where needed.

The Big Eraser is the technique that I used on Elaine, you will be able to clear grief like this too, it may just take a little longer. Elaine spoke to me later and said it was totally gone, she had had a chance to check in with herself and the grief was no more.

I cant wait to see you there!



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