Exciting News: I’ve Been Featured Again!

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I have some exciting news – I’ve been featured again by Kindred Spirit Magazine!

This time, I’ve been published on their website. The article is about healing negative self-talk:

My breakthrough is focused on healing addiction, obsession, depression, trauma and anxiety or any mental issue that involves negative self-talk. In order to heal negative self-talk, we need to first discuss what it is.

Negative self-talk is the persistent ‘talking’ or ‘chatter’ in some people’s minds. People fall into two categories:

The first category is people with chatty brains whose self-talk acts in a negative way, undermining them, saying “no-one loves you”, “you will never achieve anything” and so on. These people also have trouble sleeping, as the day’s hiccups play over and over again in their heads. These are the people with tendencies towards anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional issues.

The second category is people with quiet heads. Their thoughts are more practicality-based and calm. They think about what needs doing. It doesn’t sound like Grand Central Station in there. They can get to sleep easily. These people are generally at peace within themselves and happy; emotionally stable and well.

Try to notice if you have a naturally quiet or chatty brain. Then pay attention to mishaps: if you stub your toe or are sick, is there a lot of negative self-talk? Do you notice the chatter gets louder when something goes wrong? Where could this chatter come from and why is it especially noisy with negative thoughts when we are vulnerable? I think the chatter is, actually, entities. Multi-dimensional beings we cannot see, just outside of our range of perception. These entities feed on an energy called louche, an emotional energy generated through high emotion. This is the primary food source for these beings. The higher the emotions we feel, the more they feed. Therefore they twist the knife, upping the negative self-talk.

I like to call these entities ‘smentities’. This is a little bit of a tease and a funny word, taking away negative power. The word ‘entities’ can create a little fear within, which creates negative energy and is counterproductive to us. I also like the sound of it, it makes me smile, which is the opposite of a louche emotion.

We have all had obsessions, where the thoughts go around and around like a broken record. Nonstop, it can easily happen after an argument. We can’t get the dialogue out of our head. Round and round it goes. We get more and more upset. That’s not really you. It’s the smentities feasting on your louche. The more dramatic the better.

With this newfound understanding on the cause and source of negative self-talk, I created a new approach to healing it, which I like to think of as ‘taking out the trash’. The steps are as follows:

1. Name the obsession, trauma, anxiety, addiction or phobia

This is to tell me what is going on in your head. What tune is playing on that broken record? Most people have some version of “you are not enough”. The insecurity could focus on your finances, looks, achievements, that you are a bad person, or are letting others down. Part of addiction is to drown out these voices. Feeding that addiction often quiets those voices for a moment, but they hit back with full force. It can also be the other way around. As soon as people indulge in an addiction, they are bullied internally to take more, more, more. Shopping, drinking, gambling – they all work in the same way.

2. Open a self-closing portal to send all entities related to your issue home

Entities are refugees, feeding on our heightened emotional energy. It’s important not to judge or fear them – we would do the same if we were starving. They are just hungry. All my work is by intention as I have awoken my abilities to do what has naturally been forgotten. So, I intend to open a portal and send them home.

3. Show them the door, take out the trash

Having opened the portal, I guide the entities to it. Some of them are a little resistant, as they are confused. Ultimately, they go once they understand – with or without a nudge in the right direction.

4. Clear any residual trauma created by entities

Trauma acts as an anchor for entities. I ask clients to try to think of the song from the broken record. Can they still hear it? Is their brain quieter now? Is there another related layer that I need to clear? Maybe the original thoughts have subsided and others have emerged? If so, I simply repeat the process. This can happen a few times until their brain is close to, if not completely, still.

5. Clear the root of the issue

This will be the access point they got in through. Some may be very obvious, some less so, with addiction being one of the more tricky ones. What’s the elephant in the room? Have you suffered from a major trauma in the past? Bereavement, sexual assault, physical assault or bullying? Addicts have often had difficult childhoods where they felt unloved and disconnected from their parents. An impact can usually be made on addiction in one session. It needs to be closely monitored as it is likely multi-faceted.

I worked on a client recently where I used these five steps. Claire has been on antidepressants for two decades, and more recently her anxiety had amped up. She had taken medical leave from her prestigious job, as she was feeling pretty lost. She had started drinking excessively and smoking marijuana (she lives in a country where this is perfectly legal) to dull the self-doubt. She was having concerns about addiction.

Post-session, Claire’s brain was still – a completely new sensation for her. No more nagging about not being good enough, just peace. The addiction she was fearing doesn’t seem to be an issue. I’m hoping that the depression, anxiety and addiction are no more, and that she will be able to wean herself off the medication under medical supervision. This is brand new work, so time will tell – but so far, so good. I called Claire to check in as I edited this article, a fortnight after her treatment. She said:

My brain is pretty quiet these days, it’s really weird. I’m thinking about things really differently… I’m pretty chilled and good to go! I’m getting off the sleep medication since your treatment… I’m sitting in it, living, breathing and really doing stuff.

Claire had no motivation to leave the house or do anything prior to our session. What an improvement after one hour-long session. Once the entities are gone, the chatter stops. No more obsessions. Freedom. The entities hold the trauma in place, so clearing them makes trauma release easy, even for compounded chronic emotional issues. With many exciting case studies from using this technique, I’m also applying it to physical diseases. While this is my next mountain to surmount, I’m excited to share these discoveries, for they hold incredible potential in both mental and physical healing.

You can also read the article on Kindred Spirit’s website. Just click the link here.

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