Sacred / Ascension Diet Part 1 and August highlights level 1 class info

How are all you lovely people today?

I have long wondered about the Ascension Diet. What food we need to eat and avoid in ordered the expedite the process. David Wilcock, who I study constantly, and respect greatly, has constructed this diet, on which I comment below. His research has been ongoing for several years and from a variety of sources. He is a fantastic scholar. If you are interested in enhancing your spiritual abilities, this diet is something to bear in mind.

With any luck you are probably doing much if it already. There are a few bits that are hard to avoid both in yumminess and simplicity.

Unfortunately, a great deal of food is weaponised. Genetically modified food is terrible for you, as is anything grown with chemicals such as round up. Organic diets are really really important. The less chemicals in the growing process the better.

It is good to remember that the farming and pharmaceutical industry are financially linked. If you don’t pay in the kitchen i.e. by buying high quality organic food, you will pay in the pharmacy. The cabal want population control, they poison through your plate.

Glyphosate, commonly known by its original trade name Roundup (manufactured by Monsanto), is the world’s most widely used herbicide (weed-killer). Glyphosate-based herbicides are manufactured by many companies in many countries. They are deadly poison to weeds and humans, avoid! They are often sprayed pre and post harvest to keep food fresh. They will poison and dissolve you from the inside, and are the staple of many western diets.

Some good documentaries to watch are:-

‘Secret ingredients’

‘Fed Up’


What to avoid

Soy -Soya is the staple in many vegan and veggie diets. It tends to be genetically modified. I think it’s fairly obvious that GM food should be avoided where possible.

Going vegan -When people become vegan, they tend to feel great for the first few months as they come off the weaponised food. There are missing nutrients though.

Wheat -Never eat wheat as it contains Gliadin (a type of prolamin) . This is a class of proteins present in wheat and several other cereals within the grass genus Triticum. Gliadins, which are a component of gluten, are essential for giving bread the ability to rise properly during baking. It makes you vulnerable to radiation, toxicity, and disease as well as putting on weight.

Corn -Eliminate completely.

Commercially farmed meat- Due to the growth hormones, the food they eat as well as the cruelty factor.

Dairy -Is to be avoided, it’s especially toxic when heated.

Sugar -Most sugar is made from corn-syrup which contains glycogen. It also shocks the liver.

What you can eat
• For carbs, rice, quinoa, millet, oatmeal, barley , buckwheat. Whole grain organic food, the less processing the better.
• For sweet maple syrup, brown rice syrup, malleus and honey. Natural sweets are good.
So, are you following much of this diet or would you need a massive upheaval? Do you agree with it?

We shall continue this discussion next week as there is some interesting research to be looked at, including Weston Prices activator ‘X’, what food to combine, and the supplements that David recommends.

In addition, please let me know if you are interested in attending my workshop highlights level 1. It will take place from my home in London on 30 August – September 1st. Places are filling up fast, I can’t wait to see you there.

Level one highlights includes:
• Meditation tools. This will teach you to drop into stillness instantly.

• Dowsing -How to use a pendulum.

• Hooks/ Evil Eye identifying and clearing. We can be affected by others thoughts, or shared trauma. Time to spring clean. Regular maintenance will make for a happier you.

• The Big Eraser to instantly dissolve emotional trauma in yourself and others. The Big Eraser is really the jewel in the Divine Empowerment crown. As you progress through the levels, this energy will be upgraded for deeper and deeper work. In level 1, it can be used on specific traumas, a solo situation, to dissolve the stagnation of heavy emotions. The memory will remain factual but neutral, the pain erased forever. In later levels you will learn to dissolve long standing emotional pain and even depression.

• Instant pain relief -Bill McKenna technique.

• Multiple fun energies that can be taught to and shared with friends e.g. how to change the taste of wine using magic. It’s the ultimate party trick!

• Chakra Master Blaster, to upgrade and activate your chakra system.

• Some one to one personal work from me where needed.

Well that’s all food for thought. Any questions please let me know. Have a wonderful week.


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