Sacred / Ascension Diet Part 2

Hey tribe,

How are you today? How did last weeks info sit with you. Could you swallow it, digest it? Okay enough with the bad puns. Let’s get to work.

Weston Price and activator ‘X’

Weston was a dentist who went to study indigenous tribes in the 1930’s. Tribes who have had no ‘western’ influences. Being a dentist, he was interested in their teeth, and their teeth were perfect. Straight and in great condition, only 1/1000 or 0.1% had a cavity. Just to put that into perspective, 92% of Americans have them.

The indigenous people were tremendously psychic. Athletic with virtually no disease. They seemed only to really die, if a rock happened to land on them.

He discovered that they had a high level of Activator ‘X’ in their diets. This is found in the organs of grass fed animals, especially the liver. It is only found in animal protein so is missing completely from a vegan diet.

Vegetarians are okay though as grass fed butter and ghee are a good source of activator ‘X’ which can help you lose weight and ward off disease, as well as heal bones. The darker orange the ghee, the better,  as it has a higher percentage of activator ‘X’. A lot of ghee,thesedays,contains turmeric, so be careful not to get the 2 muddled.

Eggs are also a good source of activator ‘X’.  The more orange the yolk the better. Even if they are non-organic, go for the darkest yolk.

Wild raised meat, especially the liver, is a great source too.

Ankimo is the liver of monkfish. Many sushi restaurants have it off menu. It’s also delicious.

Food combining

We digest different food in different ways according to its properties eg acidic versus alkaline, digestive enzymes etc.

  • No grains (alkaline) and meat (acid) together. It gives you gas and makes you sluggish. Please leave 3 hours if you have the meat first, and 2 hours if you have the grains first.
  • No fruit (acid) with veg (base/ alkaline). Please leave an hour and a half.
  • Veg and meat together are fine.
  • Bad food combining creates bubbles of smelly gas!
  • It’s better to eat dessert before the meal, or 20-30 minutes post.


  • HCL pills before meals to stimulate digestion + enzyme supplements eg digest gold.  2 per meal. You might feel your stomach burning at first but you get used to it. That is how it is meant to feel.

Probiotic supplements, biological non-dairy before bed. Liquid is better than pills, need to be acidophil at least.

  • EFA essential fatty acids are needed for the nervous system and the brain. These are omega 3,6 and 9. Udos oil is good for this, and can be used easily in salad dressing (don’t heat it).

Other practice

  • Eat organic salad daily
  • Walk daily (sitting is the new smoking)
  • CBD oil is good.


  • Alkaline water
  • No water 45 mins before food. Only small sips when needed, otherwise enzymes in the stomach can digest the food. They simply float about in the water and rinse away. Too much water prevents good digestion.
  • Ideally don’t drink water for 2.5 hours after eating.
  • 3 big (8oz 250 ml) drinks on rising. That is 750 mils approximately.

So there you have it, David Wilcocks ascension diet.

I think next week I’ll chat more about the upcoming class and pick up any stragglers.

Have a fab week.


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