A mental health breakthrough, negative self-talk part 3

I hope you had a fantastic week!

Over the last few weeks we have started to look at the monkey brain. This is the endless chatter in our heads. Redundant, pointless babble, mixed in with negative self-talk about anything and everything.

Louche is emotional energy, generally caused by some degree of anguish. This is the foodstuff for multi-dimensional beings. They are formless and out of the perception of many. Nevertheless, they are there and they feast when we fight or generally get upset. In fact, they are incentivised to press our buttons as that means a bigger meal for them.

We also touched on alcohol and the interesting ‘coincidence’ that hard liquor is also called ‘spirits’. That we are particularly susceptible to drama when we have had a few too many. A friend of mine, Catherine, on reading last weeks blog, commented that people can act completely out of character and even black out when they drink. They can almost seem possessed. Not the dramatic head spinning from The Exorcist, but somehow, they can seem a completely different person. Often with more relaxed morals and heightened drama. Then they have no recollection of it. What is really going on there?

This led me to think about hangovers. I had completely forgotten that there are 2 types. The first you will all be familiar with. It’s simply dehydration and toxicity. The headache, feeling sick, tired etc. The second type, you may or may not know about. This is the emotional hangover. If you are fortunate enough to have a quiet mind, this concept may be alien to you. A large number of people, after a night on the razz, wake up with a load of dread and fear. Questioning what they did last night, who they may have offended. They may have even been intimate and regret it. Waking up in a panic, anxious and worrying about the night before, whilst trying to piece together fragmented memories.

After a big night, the monkey brain goes nuts. Much more than it does after a sober one. Why is that?

I think that the ‘spirits’ or entities break through our defences, when we have had a few. Our energy field is weaker, our aura depleted, so they start the onslaught. This may start for some after one or two drinks. Others may have to drink rather more. Then the fear, anger or depression bubbles through. Different liquors have different effects as well. I spent some time researching this in my twenties when I had an agency of tequila girls and club circus style entertainers. Whisky can make people aggressive. It’s the one people tend to fight on. Gin was known as ‘mothers ruin’ during the 18th century. Women were, for the first time, allowed to drink alongside men. Men and women were drinking gin in large amounts, averaging just over a gallon a month. The Gin obsession was blamed for misery, rising crime, madness, higher death rates, and falling birth rates. Some of the women neglected their children turning to prostitution, being so drunk they dropped their babies in the street, hence the name ‘mothers ruin. I went to a gin distillery tour and tasting last night so I’m brimming with knowledge on the topic. Gin is also said to make people depressed. Conversely tequila is the party drink. You get the picture.

A few drinks can make us act out of character. In the morning the physical and or emotional hangover kicks in. The chatter and negative self-talk, fear, and dread only subside once the booze is processed and out of the body. This is when our defences go back up. The entities feasting on louche can no longer access our thoughts.

I really did want to talk about my new work this week. I seem to have gone off on an unexpected tangent. It’s all actually laying the foundation for my mental health breakthrough. It’s giving you real world examples, which you may be familiar with, of just how much influence these entities may have. I don’t like to make them too important or empower them, so I tend to call the entities smentities as a little dig that amuses me.

More on this all next week.

Have a fabulous weekend.


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