A mental health breakthrough, negative self-talk part 2

How are you this fine Saturday?

How did you find last week’s newsletter?

Are you a person with a chatty or a quiet brain? Did you notice the chatter got louder when something went wrong? Maybe you got a cold or stubbed your toe and it increased?

If you have noticed the chatter, you must be wondering what the heck it is? We have, or I at least ,assumed that living in grand central station in rush hour was completely normal. It wasn’t until it suddenly ceased that I even considered it could be something other.

So, what could this chatter be?

I have spoken in previous blogs about how little of reality is actually available to us through our senses.We think that we can perceive all that is, but we can’t. A dog’s sense of sound and smell is a very clear example of this. There is so much that we can’t see, heal or feel.

These days we have aura photography. The Kirlian camera can actually detect the colours we are radiating which can then be read. It’s pretty amazing.

Think of how we get caught up in a crowd. If we get dragged to a gig or a football match, we are not into the band or team. If the crowd are excited so are we. We get elevated by the thoughts and moods of others.

Many composers write in their sleep, literally waking up with the song in their head. All they need to do is notate it. John Lennon was famous for this. Inventors too. Many of the world’s most wonderful things have been dreamt into creation. A great example of this is the humble sewing machine. Where would we be without it? It was actually thought of in a violent stabbing dream. Apparently Elias Howe dreamt that he was being stabbed to death by cannibals. In his dream he was sentenced to death unless he came up with a working model of the sewing machine. He failed, and faced a bloody demise. The blade of the spear had a hole in the top ,which is how the lock stitch machine was created.

Interestingly , sometimes patents for the same creation are submitted simultaneously.

This begs the question of where do thoughts come from. Especially the negative self talk. Why is it especially noisy when we are vulnerable?

I may lose you here , as it may just be a leap down the rabbit hole too far? This is what I think after years of research.

I think that the chatter is, actually , entities. Multi-dimensional beings who we find it hard to see. They are just outside our range or perception. Is that hard to believe? They could be in a different dimension we can’t quite register. Ghosts, angels, fairies have been seen by many through the ages . Are they real and just out of our range of senses?

The story goes that these entities feed on an energy called louche. Louche is emotional energy that is generated through drama and pain. This is the primary food source for these beings. The more we suffer the more they feed. SO, it’s in their interest to make us as upset as possible. They feast when we wail. There is an interesting overlap that hard alcohol is called ‘spirits’ and many can become obsessive and mentally unstable when volumes of alcohol are consumed. Is the name a warning? Are spirits literally whispering in our ear when we are drunk?

That in itself is food for thought. I want to tell you of my new discovery but it will take a little more time that we have today, so I will save it for next week.

Have a little think and let me know what you think of it.


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