A mental health breakthrough, negative self-talk part 4-conclusion

Right. I will endeavour to speak about the breakthrough this week. I realise that what I’m about to say is a little bit out there, okay a lot out there, so I needed to set the scene in a way you could easily relate to. Thank you for accompanying me this far down the rabbit hole. It’s about to get a whole lot weirder!

Just to re-cap, multi-dimensional entities, or as I like to call them, smentities feed on an emotional energy called louche. The more upset or stressed we are, the more they eat. They want to feast, so they twist the knife to up the negative self-talk. This is especially true when we consume alcohol or ‘spirits’.

My breakthrough is focused on addiction, obsession, anxiety or any mental issue that involves negative self-talk. Depression and trauma too, but I’ve had a great deal of success treating them for years now, although my new work has sped the treatment up tremendously.

My new work I call ‘taking out the trash’. I clear the smentities, which are posing as you saying nasty, manipulative or obsessive things.

We have all had obsessions, where the thoughts go around and around like a broken record. Non stop, it can easily happen after an argument. We can’t get the dialogue out of our head. Round and round it goes. It doesn’t happen when we are happy or grounded, it happens when we are upset. We get more and more upset. That’s not really you. It’s the ruddy smentities closing in on their next banquet. The more dramatic the better.

So my new work is literally taking out the trash. Hence the name. It’s sending the smentities from whence they came.

The steps are to:-

1. Name the obsession, trauma, anxiety, addiction, phobia . Whatever it may be.
2. Open a self-closing portal to send all smentities related to issue ‘x’ home.
3. Show them the door, take out the trash.
4. Clear any residual trauma created by the smentities.
5. Clear the root of the issue. This will be the access point they got in through. Some may be very obvious, some less so. Addiction being one of the more tricky ones.
Once they are gone, the chatter shuts up. No more obsessions. No more monkey monologue. Freedom.

It’s really a completely different existence. I worked on a client yesterday with intense anxiety issues. We worked on a few things from childhood, some traumas and abuse. Her thoughts, or more correctly the voices of smentities , were telling her she was “doing it all wrong”. The constant chatter created anxiety and fear. We did the process above and no more chatter. A quiet, focused meditative mind. We need to see how she is over the coming weeks, but it certainly is an exciting breakthrough. The smentities hold the trauma in place, so clearing them makes trauma release a doddle , even for compounded chronic emotional issues. I’m also thinking about the applications in physical disease. That’s my next mountain to surmount.

I’m looking forward to teaching ‘taking out the trash’ to my level 12 students next month.

If you have any trash to take out why not get in touch for a treatment? I can cover a lot of ground in very little time. My sessions are 30 minutes for £175 or an hour for £250. This week only, June 29th-July 6th 2019 I will offer a 20% discount. A sound and quiet mind is priceless.

Have a fabulous week,


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