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Sorry for the tardiness of today’s blog. more little dramas to breathe through, fitting in perfectly with last weeks topic.

We have had a few technical glitches delaying my announcement just a touch, testing my resolve once more.

How was your week? Did the spirit of Ostara inspire you to ditch the dead weight, either in relationships or your homes?

Well, with spring well and truly in the air there are new beginnings all around.

After years of letdowns, blood sweat, and tears. I am delighted to announce that my new website is finally live! Whoop whoop. My word, that was arduous.

With it all working correctly, I can finally get my work out to the world and start helping more people. This will be with private healings as well as classes.

I want to teach all the wonderful life-changing skills to those who desperately need them. Things like the big eraser, dissolving emotional pain is a huge key to happiness, as we stop attracting those tough situations.

Whatever is in your field, unresolved karma you attract. I have had the lessons of betrayal and abandonment repeatedly kick me in the face. This incarnation is school if we don’t learn the lesson, which means to act with grace and maturity even in the thick of it, we are doomed to repeat the lesson time and time again. Until we do behave rationally, and softly, with love and compassion. Easier said than done!

I have needed to have these lessons, so I can now teach how to clear them. Now, even confronted with those teachers, I’m relaxed. It’s peaceful in my heart (mostly). It’s a real shift. Dissolving the trauma is one beautiful thing, getting the roots out, so the lesson doesn’t repeat, is a whole other level of zen. Your peace of mind is truly the greatest gift you could give yourself or indeed anyone else. Clearing the issue, along with the karma, shifts you so completely. There is a certain maturity to keeping composure under pressure. It’s another level when you are so whole that adversity doesn’t even rock you, that there is nothing to breathe through. Nothing to process, just peace.

With my site up and running I am going to start to advertise through various media campaigns growing my online presence. I will then start to organise more classes and retreats. Lots of fun new things in the pipeline.

The new site is on the same address Please check it out and let me know what you think. I’m super happy with the results and ready to bring my work to the world.

Thanks for your continued support!


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