Is everything going wrong?

Apologies for the absence of a blog last week. My new site was meant to be ready and I had one written telling you all about it. Then we had security issues, which took rather longer to resolve than anticipated. We are still working on them. I hope to be able to send that newsletter out next week from the shiny new site.

There do seem to be some glitches in the matrix of late. Have you noticed them? Many things seem to be getting harder as opposed to easier as we are nearing the solar flash. Things that normally work and flow with ease are just breaking and messing up. One school of thought is that all the residual karma we have, is bubbling up to be processed and released. So instead of getting hit gradually there is more of a rush on. Dramas are coming hard and fast to be released forever. It’s quite amazing how irate and irritable people are becoming. Overreacting at issues that normally wouldn’t phase them too much. There seem to be so many problems hitting simultaneously that mountains are being made out of mole hills. It may feel like we are under constant attack.

We all, myself included, need to take a breath at times and choose to react with calm and love in our hearts. Whatever the issue it’s never ever as bad as it seems, when we are in the thick of it. Things are not getting worse. They are being resolved and released so we can ascend into the golden age. I’m sure the majority of my audience will be well versed in all of this? That we are drawing to the end of the great year, the 25,800 cycle. That our ascended abilities are awaking. This is definitely true as I can see the abilities that I already possess, many more to be awoken but it sure is an exciting time to be alive.

If you feel that lots of things are falling apart for you and going wrong at the moment that’s okay. It’s just karma balancing off the scales ready for your next amazing adventure.

Short but sweet this week.

If you want some good news, 2 Chinese students have just invented a bacterium that eats plastic from the ocean and turns it into water, what an age we live in!


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