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How are you doing today?

This week I wanted to tell you about a rather wonderful lady who I met a few weeks ago. As you may or may not know, as well as healing, I run an Airbnb. I enjoy it (mostly) as I have had some diverse and interesting guests. Friendships have bloomed with a few of them. One of the more interesting ones is Mondo Marcio who is a famous Italian rapper. Amazingly, when he checked in, I had an Italian friend here who recognised him. He was a lovely guy, we hung out. I’ve had Angelica Bridges who is a truly lovely human, sweet and caring. She is drop dead gorgeous and now a good friend. I get a kick out of the fact that she was one of the original Baywatch cast. I grew up on that show. Great TV.

My most recent interesting guest was Pamela Miles. You may have heard of her? She is one of the most notable pioneers in Reiki. She really helped bring Reiki mainstream. She has written a wonderful book called “Reiki a comprehensive guide” which is available on amazon. I recommend it.

She has done some of the most ‘hard core’ healing I have ever heard of. When the AIDS epidemic hit New York in the 80’s and 90’s she was one of the few people who was able to slow the onset. The doctors were at a loss as to how to help. The nourishing energy of Reiki was providing some relief in an otherwise hopeless cause. She also spent time in operating theatres when people were having open heart surgery. When energy medicine was unheard of, doctors listened to her as people were recovering significantly faster from surgery than they otherwise would have. She is also very grounded, logical, sober and scientific in her approach, which allows the medical profession to understand and to take note. She really has been fundamental in the alternative medicine progression.

Her staying at my home was such a beautiful and divine union, we both felt truly blessed to cross paths. In classic English style I introduced her to a Sunday roast. It had to be done. Americans miss out on that one.

She taught me a few things that I wanted to share today. Ways to communicate energy work to a newbie. Many of the people reading this are light workers of some form. I know I have been guilty of being overexcited when communicating the benefits of energy work, to the point where people are repelled. I’m better at it these days as I look for their eyes glazing or rolling. I think I would have caught more bees with the honey of her words had I known them sooner.

She asked for my elevator pitch. I have one, I say it time and again. It works brilliantly, for people who have a foot in the door, an interest in healing, someone who may have done a little yoga, know what a chakra is, or have downloaded a meditation app. It might be a little out there for a total beginner. Someone who has never explored other dimensions.

Here it is

“Have you ever hung out with someone who is sad or angry or depressed? When you do, it can make you feel sad or angry or depressed.”

People nod

To which I say

“Emotion is energy. Look at the word e-motion. Energy in motion. Moods or traumas are simply stagnated emotions, bubbles of stuck energy. I can empathetically feel the emotions of others and dissolve them with intention. Something that happened only once, I can usually clear in a few seconds or minutes.”

Depending on eye rolls I may go on to explain

“I can also work on themes such as betrayal, loss, abandonment, dread, disapproval etc. Whatever issues pop up regularly. Once they and their roots are truly gone, you no longer attract those situations. Like attracts like almost magnetically. This prevents us from feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it doesn’t even cross our minds. We are no longer triggered.”

Pamela’s notes were:-
1. Talk about ‘broadcasting’, rather than energy. We are all familiar with radio and TV signals. So, say that people broadcast sadness, anger and depression which we can pick up on. No need to use the word ‘energy’ as it may mean different things to different people and get lost in translation, or worse, get people’s backs up.

2. Say that “undigested emotions are like wild cards, we never know when they will show up”. In a card game we don’t know who has a wild card, when or where they will show up. We often don’t even know our own ones, when they start to bubble through, we lose clarity.

3. “Take care of our state and our state takes care of us”. This is “spiritual hygiene”. We wash daily. We should have daily practice in the same way. If not, our emotions can stink just like our body odour. Okay, I added the last bit for dramatic effect and comedic value. “Spiritual hygiene” does get the point across nicely. It’s important we have a way to relax and focus to preserve our mental wellbeing, and calm loving state.

It all makes sense. She is a word wizard as well as a Reiki legend. So, thank you Pamela for your words of wisdom. I hope they help you too, when explaining the magical things we do, to people at the very start of their path.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C Clarke.

Or the updated Star Trek version of the quote, I made a meme of below, whilst at the British Museum. Those ancients definitely had some bad ass tech, we couldn’t even begin to make any of the ancient buildings now. We can’t move the stones, nor do we have the precision, but this is a conversation for another day.

Anyway, buy Pamela’s book Reiki Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles, I did, it’s a good read.


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