Manifesting Series 5 -The proof is in the pudding

As you know, during the last 4 weeks, I have been speaking about manifesting. The pitfalls and confusions, as well as how to actually do it using ‘Quantum Jumping’ once the blocks are out the way.

This week, I want to tell you about my own personal manifesting journey. There may be some aspects of your life where you are struggling so I hope to inspire and, maybe, even help you to progress.

So, as I understand it, we all have karmic lessons to pass during this incarnation of life. Tests we may have failed in previous lives or simply more yet to complete. In short, this life is school.

You may have noticed the same sort of issues crop up for you time and time again? Maybe it’s loss? Do you always lose your keys, or belongings in general? How do you react when this happens? Is it with grace and dignity? Do you quietly and casually look for them or do you throw a hissy fit?

There are experiences we all have; betrayal, abandonment, rejection, grief etc. As we know from the law of attraction what we focus on or have most of energetically radiates towards us. So, if we react strongly to a stimulus there is a lot of that energy present in our system. The universe assumes we want more of it and we attract more as if it’s magnetic. If it’s a situation we don’t want, we can get stuck in a destructive loop.

A good example is abundance or conversely lack. As I mentioned earlier in the series, when we are stressing about bills, more bills come as the universe just hears our focus. The way to counteract that is to set up a payment plan, have the issue automated and not fret further. If you want abundance focus on abundance not lack.

This of course is easier said than done, with constant triggers. Our minds can also work against us with our monkey brains telling us all sorts of things that simply are not true, worrying about things that may never happen.

The way to solve this so that you attract the things you desire, is to remove the bubble of emotional energy that you no longer want.

The best way to explain this is to tell you what is happening in my personal life.

I have always dated men who play a wonderful role at demonstrating my abandonment, betrayal and rejection issues. Time and time again these men have shown me what still needs healing. I chose to learn through pain not play, which is unlike me since I normally opt for the latter. I continued to re-live the same situations as I just really wasn’t getting the message. This was really my sticking point in an otherwise soft and fluid life.

I finally completely dissolved these issues at around Christmas, and all of a sudden was no longer attracted to this sort of man. This has meant that the most wonderful man has come into my life. I’ve actually known him for 15 years but had to get the issues out the way to have a stable relationship. It’s completely different from my past relationships, this quote finally makes sense!


Our relationship is so calm fun and silly. Just amazing, and it appeared very soon after I completed the lessons, by simply dissolving the anchors that were causing them to repeat time and time again.

If you have any sticking points, please book in and let’s remove the blocks preventing you from living your best life.

I wanted to also let you know about course dates.

I will be teaching level one August 30th-September 1st in London. I’ll include more details on what the course entails in next week’s newsletter.

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