Manifesting blog 4- How to manifest ‘Quantum Jumping’

Happy Easter to you. I hope that you have a wonderful bank holiday planned.

Instead of speaking about Easter, I shall continue with talking about manifesting, as it’s about to get juicy.

So, we have been talking about manifesting for the last few weeks. What it is, how it is blocked and also about the Mandela effect. How we collectively remember events differently from the ‘facts’, and whether this could be ‘proof’ of the multiverse.

This week I want to tell you how to use this, in order to really create your desired reality. To find the magic lamp and for the genie to grant three wishes. In fact, let’s make it infinite wishes!

Let’s start with a quote from The Mind Journal

“Our DNA is like a genie in a bottle, except that they are genes in our body, connected to the unified field of the universe. They react to our thoughts, to make our wishes a reality by attracting people, things and experiences which we desire and think about most.”

SO how do we do that?

Quantum jumping has a great technique, it’s the same one that ‘The Secret’ was edging towards but I feel stopped short of.

We need to match the vibration of that which we desire, with gratitude.

The easiest way to do this is to day dream. Think about what it is you truly want. It can be materialistic, but I recommend it being more about happiness and accomplishment. This will, of course, be different for each of us. One of mine is to teach at the Royal Albert Hall.

To manifest this, I need to romanticise and have gratitude for a ‘future memory’. Of course, it hasn’t happened as yet but it is reminiscing, by anticipation, and being overjoyed about the situation yet to pass. I know if sounds funny and your logical brain may be calling this BS. But this is truly the key to manifesting.

The higher your vibrations and the more loving your thoughts are about a future memory the more likely you are to be able to create it. Day dreaming is the perfect medium to do it. So, all that practicing at school was actually time well spent! Ha

It’s really a case of seeing it as vividly as possible and feeling it deeply. Soak it in viscerally. How does it smell, taste, feel, look, sound? What did your friends and family say when you achieved your goal? Tap into that warm gooey feeling. Some people have a hard time connecting with joy. One route in is to think of a person you love deeply, gush over the, then shift your attention to what you are looking to manifest. If you have a pet, that works too.

You can be your own genie and manifest your hearts desires.

Day dream about what you want as if it’s already happened, with all the joy you can muster. That is how you align with the unified field and match the frequency of your desire. If you can do this daily and sustain it, the universe will meet you. It has to be a source of fun and play, the more wonderment and giggles the better. Don’t worry about how it will happen, just think how about how awesome it ‘was’ even if it’s a million miles away from your current situation. It’s a noodle twister for sure.

If you do have blockages preventing you from dropping into that loving state and want an emotional spring clean, why not get in touch? As you know I can easily dissolve traumas, and other issues that are blocking your happiness.

Good luck manifesting, let me know how it goes and have a great weekend!

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