Manifesting mini-series -The trouble with ‘The Secret’

This week I want to embark on a mini series about manifesting. There are a few components, a few do’s and don’ts issues that you may relate to? To keep it bite size on your Saturday mornings, it will take me a few weeks.

Like many others, I was inspired when I read ‘The Secret’ all those years ago. The grand idea of manifesting struck such a chord globally that it was translated into 50 languages and sold over 30 million copies world-wide.

What’s it all about, what does it mean and does it really work?

The notion is that we can order whatever our heart desires from the universe, anything that we are brave enough to imagine. What a wonderful idea. That we can achieve the job, the relationship or the finances we want, just by thinking about them.

The 3 steps are

1) Ask for it
2) Believe that it is already your
3) Be grateful for receiving it

I, too, made my vision board. It’s sitting next to me in my office as I write this. Have I achieved it? Much of it. I dream big so there is more to come.

What’s really important is to get out of our own way.

What we obsess about is what we create. If we constantly worry about bills, that’s what manifests. If we think that people are always going to take advantage of us, those people show up time and time again. There is a certain discipline required to have a positive outlook. This is hard to achieve when our subconscious and life experience is bringing us the exact opposite of what we desire.

Our subconscious mind runs the show, so how do we re-program that? According to Bruce Lipton, our whole personality, and the way we receive and interact with the world, is programmed in a hypnogogic state up until the age of 7. Children have to assimilate vast amounts of information which then becomes their programmed reality. Children under the age of 7 live in a dream like state. There is little distinction between reality and make believe. The Jesuits knew this with their famous phrase:-

“Give us a child until the age of 7 and we’ll have it for life!”

If we grow up believing that it is hard to make money, or that we will never amount to anything, those self-sabotaging thoughts need to be extinguished before we can truly put the teachings into play.

Bruce likens it to a record. No amount of shouting at the record will make it play another song. That’s the only song there is. Falling in love is a time when we can change the tune, because we become truly present.

If we are getting ready for a date with our new beloved, we think clearly. We plan our wardrobe, think about where to go and what to say. We are excited and present. No longer grabbing the closet garments and simply doing the sniff test. We are in our conscious mind. The disruptive self-sabotaging patterns don’t win through. We think clearly as opposed to the standard autopilot we find ourselves in normally. We choose and create our reality.

The same can happen with gratitude. More on that next week.


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