Manifesting part 2

Back to manifesting. So how do we get out of our own way and really manifest?

The law of attraction confuses many with the notion that ‘we attract what we give out’. So, if we want financial abundance we need to be generous and expect money to flow freely. When we have bills piling up and we are worried about putting food on the table this is easier said then done. We need to give in order to receive. If we expect bills that’s what we get. That being said, bills are inevitable and ignoring that and splashing cash we don’t have may not be wise. It’s a catch 22 situation. To be abundant you need money or at least the mindset of money. How do you get that mindset when it couldn’t be further from your reality?

The key to this is gratitude. Falling in love which I mentioned last week does the same. It raises our vibration so we magnetically attract better things.

If we are super angry and believe the world is out to get us that’s exactly what will happen. We will attract those people and situations. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What happens if we are suck in anger as many are? One practical approach to the issue is to practice gratitude. An easy way to start is to simply say 3 things you are grateful for. A good time to do this is at the dinner table. The whole family can recount positive things from their day, or life in general. They can be seemingly innocuous things like “I’m grateful getting the parking space outside my home” or deeper such as “I’m grateful for the food we have” or “I’m grateful for having a home” or “I’m grateful for my family, or health”. If you are fortunate enough to be reading this, you have a phone or a lap top, a roof over your head. That means you are in the doing very well. 80% of the world live on less than $10 a day. That really puts it into perspective we really are blessed. We have a lot to be grateful for although at times it may not seem that way.

If you live alone or prefer a more private practice at bedtime you could simply say to yourself what you are grateful for, or journal that helps many people.

Finances aside, raising your vibration to a more positive one attracts a softer and more blessed life.

I of course can help to dissolve emotional stagnation if you want a deeper spring clean?

Daily practice, the attitude of gratitude can really help. Whatever we obsess about is what radiates towards us. I found a wonderful quote by Toby Mac the other day

“Worrying is worshipping the problem”

That really hit me. We need to be pragmatic. If bills are the stress, face it head on and set up a payment plan. Solve rather and avoid the issue, once that plan is in place you don’t need to stress and avoid the scary envelopes. That will free up brain space to start to manifest positive situations in live.

It’s time now to focus on the good in your life not the bad, that is how to create more and more to be grateful for.


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