Welcome to a new spring

Wednesday marked the first day of Spring. The day when we have the same amount of daylight globally. The Latin word equinox translates to ‘equal night’. The trees and flowers start to bloom and in the northern hemisphere, we see more of the sun.

Spring is a time for rebirth. A time of resurrection for multiple cultures across the ages. A time to flush out the old, clean the house, and welcome in the new. A time of change. Up until the 18th century, in many parts of Europe the equinox was considered the beginning of the new year. It is the beginning of the astrological year. That is why many rituals were performed to clean out old energies and to purify homes and lives.

Spring has been celebrated across the ages. You may be interested in the little known Goddess Ostara also knows as Eostre or Eastre. She is the Germanic Goddess of spring and dawn. The word Easter originates from her. She was an ancient pagan god, who has been largely forgotten.

However, we cannot forget her at this time of year with the first warm spring winds, the birds that return, the trees that bud and flower, the spring bunnies bounding around, the life that comes back after the desolate winter. Easter was somewhat hi-jacked by Christianity, but spring was her month.

The eggs we decorate are in homage to her. We are so blessed these days with a constant supply of eggs that we may forget that without artificial light chickens don’t lay in winter. The eggs re-appear so we honour and thank Ostara by painting and exchanging them. Eggs were/ are an important source of protein especially in days of old for our winter-starved ancestors.

Have you felt the urge to spring clean in order to remove old stagnation from your home? To only keep possessions that “Spark Joy” as Marie Kondo would say. I think it’s a great idea to use this time and burst of energy to go through cupboards and get rid of objects that no longer serve. It makes us feel free and lighter. We can get so bogged down with rubbish, it can really slow us down. I’ve just been through all my kitchen cupboards. It needed doing, I found a tin from 2012. I’m sure we can all relate!

Have a fab weekend, I hope you have a Spring in your step.


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