Spoon bending

I have a doosy for you this week.

Drum roll please…

Today you can learn spoon bending. Please watch the video below and follow along the written instructions.


You may be more successful learning to bend spoons as a group. The focused energy will strengthen abilities. If you have kids even better, young people tend to pick it up very fast.

  • • This is a game. Please be light hearted about it, it’s joyful.
    • Select a spoon or fork, one that will bend slightly when significant force is applied.
    • Attempt to bend it to see how strong it is. Hopefully you can’t really bend it with your strength alone, or at least it’s hard to do so. You can select a stronger one if it feels too easy.
    • Ask it which direction it’s spin is? IS it clockwise, anti-clockwise, up, down or at an angle? Sit with it until you have an answer.
    • Ask the molecules to spin at their fastest possible speed.
    • Say thank you.
    • Hold it for a moment then release it.
    • It now goes into the incubation stage. This can take 20 seconds to 20 minutes or more? It needs to accelerate to a different dimension.
    • When it feels ready, bend it baby!
    • The next level is to bend the tines (fingers) on a fork if you so desire.

If you were successful, please drop me an email and let me know. If you could include a picture too I would be grateful.

I wanted to let you know that I have a London class coming up February 22nd-24th as well as a Bir-mingham one March 15th-17th.

The level 1 highlights class includes: Meditation tools, dowsing, clearing hooks and evil eyes, as well the incredible Big Eraser.

Level 1’s Big Eraser is more powerful than the one I taught at MBS, for intense and significant trauma. With this skill you will be able to dissolve trauma from your past with ease.

Bill McKenna’s instant pain relief, Chakra Master Blaster to awaken and illuminate your chakra sys-tem as well as loads of fun and playful energies. Please get in touch for more info.

I hope you had fun and bent some spoons or forks, see you in class soon and have a great week.

With love,


In-case you need some spoon-spiration (see what I did there) here is Joe, 10 and Evie 2, plus some pre-bent spoons from class. If they can do it so can you!


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