Obesity, malnourishment and nutrition

Are obese people malnourished? Does nutrient rich food taste better?

I have long suspected that morbidly obese people are, in fact, malnourished. Think about it. Many of them consume significantly more calories than other people, yet they are still ravenous.

I am thinking of the people, many in America who consume vast amounts of junk food, and struggle to walk. Junk food diets are pretty much devoid of nutrition. There are few veggies, and the ones that are consumed are often GMO, and grown with Monsanto methods. Their focus being on size rather than taste and nutrition.

Have you ever noticed that organic food tastes far more vibrant and flavoursome than non-organic food? I wonder if enhanced or maximum flavour is a sign of good nutrition. The stronger it tastes the better it is for you.

I was invited on a ‘Growing Underground’ tour a few weeks ago as a belated birthday treat. It’s an amazing place in Clapham , London. A couple of guys decided to try urban farming to see if it was viable. They were concerned about our ever expanding global population as well as the use of pesticides, herbicides and all the other chemicals common in modern farming.

Their crops are grown in an abandoned air-raid shelter. This is a long tunnel which was originally dug as an additional tube line that never came to be. It’s deep underground. No natural light whatsoever, just UV bulbs using modern methods, grown in carpet off-cuts minus the tufts. It is grown chemical free but can’t be classified as organic as it’s cultivated without soil.

Let me tell you, it tasted absolutely fantastic! The flavours were incredibly intense. I asked if it was more nutrient rich than other salads, and if nutrients were connected to taste? They said that this is unknown but scientists at Cambridge are investigating.

If my hypothesis is correct, then greater flavour will increase nutrition. We know that bland, fried and loaded with chemical food served in fast food joints is terrible. I believe that pre-packaged food is also bad. It often contains additives such as MSG to enhance flavours, and other chemicals to preserve shelve life. Sawdust is even used to bulk out sausages and other ready food. How does this really affect us?

There is school of thought that I wanted to mention. The notion is that fat is simply an accumulation of toxins. When you over-eat or consume toxic food, your body is overloaded and simply can’t excrete it in the normal fashion. As a result, and because it remains in the system,it turns to fat.

It’s possible therefore, that toxins contribute directly to body fat. So, the more toxic the food the bigger you become. This may explain why so many people are morbidly obese. Diet is important too. So is the efficient function of organs and body systems. I think I’ll explain more on that next week.

I have included some photos from my Growing Underground tour for your enjoyment. The food, as I mentioned is delicious. It can be bought at Waitrose, Planet Organic and Whole Foods.


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