Healing breakthrough

How’s the snow where you are? Beautiful and not too disruptive, I hope.

Has anyone boarded the celery train? I bought my mother a juicer for her birthday yesterday. I hope she uses it.

To continue on with my story.

As I mentioned, the trances have afforded me some Siddhis or spiritual super powers. They are mostly focused around healing.

I taught my level 12 class last weekend, spoon bending and telekinesis were part of the curriculum, which was amazing fun! They mastered spoon bending in under 5 minutes. The classes are so playful and full of joy. I really love teaching. These students have been with me for 7 years and have seen the development of Divine Empowerment since its creation. Their abilities and mine have gone from strength to strength. It has been a really wonderful journey, learning about energy as my gifts have unfolded. On the last day of the highest level I give the students all the skills that I have, safe in the knowledge that more will be along shortly. It still somehow feels like giving my baby away.

I wanted to skip ahead in my story this week and tell you about a recent client of mine, let’s call her Charlotte.

Her mother unfortunately has cancer. She is not doing too well. Her cancer is Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma a derivative of lung cancer.

Charlotte’s father passed away recently which I believe to be the emotional root of her mothers issue. Charlotte, too, was understandably grief stricken. What’s interesting and unique about her case is that she started to have pain in the same spot that her mother has the cancer.

She asked me to work on her grief. I work on grief all the time, so have become fairly fast and proficient in releasing it. I can normally dissolve grief in just a few minutes. I started to work on Charlotte and it was exceptionally hard to erase. It was sticky, really congealed. The stagnation felt like tar. I simply wasn’t able to erase it in my typical time frame. I decided to keep working on her once the session had finished.

With issues such as PTSD and depression there are multiple layers, which can at times be tough to shift, but never this difficult.

I continued working over the next few days, until it cleared. Then I had an epiphany. The reason it was so sticky was that the grief energy has densified into matter. She had a physical pain in her lung. When I finally managed to clear the grief fully, the pain lifted completely. My belief is that she was pre-cancerous. I think that it would have continued to get worse until cancer arrived. Many people have pain in an area for years before cancer eventually manifests.

I had known all this for years theoretically, it was still interesting and rewarding to work on it in the physical.

In class last week we had a big breakthrough too. Amazingly, spoon bending progressed my work ten-fold.

To spoon bend we ask the spoon which way the molecules spin.

This gave me an idea with the stagnation. If we use spin, this will get the energy moving.

Tornados spin and rip up everything in their path. I thought if I combine big eraser (for trauma dissolution) with spin I may be able to greatly enhance my work? I’m just beginning to test it now, it’s looking good. I think that this would have made the work on Charlotte significantly faster. It may even have implications for various diseases? It’s early stages but I’m hopeful.

Next week – Spoon bending, I made you guys a little video . It’s only a couple of minutes long. Easy to follow, I will also include written instructions. You may want to get specific spoons or forks for the job? I bought some at the charity shop. They want to be strong enough so that it’s a struggle to bend them but they have a little give.

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