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I was planning to continue speaking about my healing journey this week, but I have chosen instead to postpone that and instead tell you about the celery juice craze that is sweeping the world.

There are multiple reports of celery totally selling out all over Hollywood, parts of Sydney and even Shoreditch (London). Movie stars and pro athletes alike are singing its praises. Sylvester Stallone, Jenna Dewan, the world tennis number one Novak Djokovic to name but a few.

The phenomenon was started by Antony Williams aka ‘Medical Medium’. He has several books on the market which speak of clearing all sorts of illness with the right nutrition via food. He claims celery juice is a magical elixir which can solve all sorts of health issues. He believes that many diseases stem from a poorly functioning liver. There are countless posts on his Instagram from happy people who have cleared issues such as psoriasis in a week. IBS symptoms vanish, as does brain fog . There are all sorts of amazing statements, from people who have tried it.


He says that

“Celery can save your life” that it “cleans the mess in your body”

Auto immune diseases are no more, people are becoming well and coming off all sorts of medicine. He says that celery revives liver cells , flushes out toxin, pharmaceuticals, pathogens etc.

Here is an excerpt from his site

10 Health Benefits of Celery Juice

1.Critical for chronic acid reflux
Acid reflux means 3 things are happening: low hydrochloric acid production, unproductive bacteria such as strep and e.coli& a weakened liver. Celery juice helps improve these.

2. Fights autoimmune disease
Pathogens are the true cause of the inflammation that’s mistakenly considered autoimmune. Celery juice’s undiscovered sodium cluster salts can break down & flush out these pathogens.

3. Helps restore adrenals
The undiscovered sodium cluster salts in celery juice help keep your adrenals stable & functioning.

4. Contains undiscovered sodium cluster salts that reverse illness
Celery juice’s undiscovered sodium cluster salts act together as an antiseptic. When they make contact with viruses & bacteria—troublemakers responsible for chronic illness—the salts begin to break down the pathogens’ cell membranes, eventually destroying them.

5. Neutralizes & flushes toxins out of the liver
Celery juice’s sodium cluster salts bind onto neurotoxins, dermatoxins, & other viral waste, as well as troublemakers, & draw them out of the liver.

6. Helps eradicate strep bacteria
Strep is responsible for many conditions, like acne, UTIs, SIBO, yeast infections, & more. Celery juice helps destroy strep.

7. Kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles viruses
The white blood cells of the liver’s personalized immune system add the cluster salts to their cell membrane coatings, making them toxic to viruses.

8. Brings down toxic liver heat
Celery juice purges a sluggish liver while bringing down liver heat.

9. Powerful weapon against SIBO & bloating
Celery juice is a powerful stomach acid replenisher so that gastric juices can kill strep, which causes SIBO. It also breaks down rotting protein & rancid fats in the stomach & small intestinal tract, helping bloating.

10. Repairs hydrochloric acid & liver bile production
Celery juice strengthens hydrochloric acid & bile production & strengthens the liver, which then allows for better bile production.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it.

People are consuming 16oz a day which is 450ml on an empty stomach and really getting well. Even though I am in perfect health, I decided to give it a go. I really don’t have any issues as I make sure that all my organs and bodily systems are working extremely well. If they falter I simply repair and re-boot them using my array of healing skills. I can assess how each system is working, then simply use specially designed homeopathic remedies through vibrational medicine or my own energy healing to fix them. I think it’s prudent to treat ourselves at least as well as our cars and do a diagnostic or MOT annually and repair any parts that need it.

I have been juicing celery juice for nearly 3 weeks now and I have lost weight, which is wonderful. If you want to know more have a look at Medical Mediums Instagram to see all the amazing stories. If you have any of the issues listed, why not give it a go?

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