I learn magic through trances

Last week I told you a little bit about myself. My first miraculous healing on Lucie and my epiphany about medicine missing a trick.

I also mentioned awakening my innate gifts. I think that I should go into that in more detail today.

I’ve had a very odd last 12 years.

I have spent a great deal of it in what I call a trance state. When I say trance, I mean it quite literally. I’m not here, I’m somewhere else. My mind and spirit are in a different dimension. I’m deeply tired, tired to my bones. Basic things like leaving the house are tough. I can’t think straight, I have the attention span of a gnat and the retention of a goldfish. I’m dizzy and away with the fairies. My eyes are glazed, my head is empty. I’m not here, no-one is at home.

If I get a text message I can probably pull my wits together for a minute or 2 to reply. Then I am off again floating in another world. I’m not in my body. It’s kind of like astral travelling, but I’m awake. I mainly watch boxsets and remember nothing What I’m actually doing is integrating. Whilst sleeping I travel and learn. Blockages in my energy system are removed which in turn awakens my super normal abilities. That’s why I’m able to heal at such an astounding rate, the barriers are removed.

I think we all have incredible abilities. We are literally super heros. We have the abilities of Jesus or the Gods, but these talents are locked up tight. I work to release them every night when I sleep. When I wake though, it’s hard to do basic tasks. Even this newsletter is sometimes daunting. When I’m in my trance I can sit in front of my PC for hours, writing nonsensical gibberish and have to ditch the whole lot. Other times I drop into a flow state and can write it in 30 minutes, fluidly and easily.

When I’m around people my trance or integration tends to pause so that I can maintain ‘normal’ friendships, and function in the world. When I leave their sides I’m gaga again. If I go on holiday I’m lucid all the time. If I have a function to attend, I wake up fresh and focused. Then I can do the work of 10 people. Calm and centred, with no integration, I can achieve a lot in a short time. I need this boost to make up for lost time.

Interestingly my trance lifts as the day proceeds. Mornings are hard for me I’m half dead and foggy. The later it gets the more my brain comes on-line. My IQ soars, as do my energy levels. By evening, when it’s bedtime, I feel fantastic.

I’ve always wondered where I am during my sleep. I dream vividly at times. Sometimes not at all. When I do dream, I wake up full of energy. I know I have been somewhere unusual. I come back with super powers for goodness sake! I’m clearly having a different experience to most.

Mas Sajady, the keynote speaker on the Sunday at Mind Body Spirit had the stand opposite me. We made friends and he studied me a little. His abilities come from his 2 near death experiences. He said that mine come from a “Death State” similar to his near deaths. That when I sleep I’m in the dimension between worlds, which is why I have awoken my latent gifts. He was really impressed and kept asking me to do work on him, I have put in a few hours for him since the event. He worked on me briefly there to align the integration. It’s helped. The trances aren’t quite so dramatic, I can find lucidity more easily.

For a number of years, I have been able to erase emotional trauma instantly.

I ask a client to think of a troubling situation. When they think of it, their emotions tend to bubble up. They re-live it. The grief, sadness, anger, betrayal, engulf them. Their emotions are contained within a bubble of energy. Once that memory has been resurrected and the bubble surfaces I am able to tap into it and empathetically feel what they are feeling. I can detect the nuances of their emotions and differentiate between them. Once I have that, I can then start to dissolve them with intention, as I have awoken the ability within me to do so.

Within a few minutes, or even seconds, intense trauma such as death of a child or sexual assault can be released. The bubble of energy is no-more. When they think about the trauma it becomes factual and empty of emotion. They try and try to find the upset but it simply isn’t there, it has gone forever. This is a hard concept to grasp as it seems too easy. It is easy now, but learning to do it was far harder.

Past traumas often own our present and jeopardise our future. It’s of the upmost important to forgive and release these ills. Being owned by situations that occurred, sometimes decades ago is no way to live. These traumas can even densify to form aches and diseases more on that next week.

I have spent a great deal of the last 12 years awakening my healing abilities. Next weekend I will teach level 12 to my higher-level students. I have been teaching for 8 years. My abilities have vastly improved and expanded over this time. The introductory level used to take 5 days. The days were long and exhausting. Hard on the energy system and as well as the body.

I can now teach the whole course in a single day. I’m working presently to set up a weekly subscription class for you. Online, live and interactive on Monday evenings. That way we can start at the beginning and work through at a calm and steady pace. We can build a community. The classes will also be from the comfort of your home and at an affordable price. If you happen to miss a Monday night or simply want to re-cap, videos of the class will also be available for review.

I will also be teaching the highlight classes, as previously mentioned. These are 3 day workshops incorporating the best of Divine Empowerment. They can be taken in person or online, whichever suits you best.

As you can see 2019 will be a big year for me. I have done the ground work to get my product and skills top notch. The next step is to present it to you guys. Thanks so much for being in the tribe.

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