How I discovered energy and magic

How are you this Saturday?

I think it’s about time that I explained a little bit more about myself.

Drum roll please.

Healing or energy is not something that I aspired to do. I had never considered this as a possible career. When I started, quite frankly, I thought it was a load of rubbish. ‘Invisible energy curing disease? Yeah, yeah pull the other one’.

I had always known things. For example, my brother had a devastating mini bus accident on the way to a fencing match when he was in his final years of boarding school. I’m a few years younger than him and was on a bike ride. As I was cycling down the street this sudden dread took over me. I dropped my bike and sat on the pavement hyperventilating and repeating “something’s happened, something’s happened”. I had no idea what was going on but I knew it was something horrific. I was really shaken up and went home to receive a call about the crash, my parents were on a business trip at the time and had to leave immediately. His leg was mangled, it took a lot of surgery to remove pieces of metal imbedded in bone to get him straight.

Another time was when my grandfather passed away. He came and said goodbye to me when I was sleeping. We had a lovely catch up and said a teary farewell. Shortly after my mum woke me to get up for school and told me the news. I said “I know” which of course she didn’t understand. She got quite irritated with me, as she thought I was still half asleep or not taking it seriously, but I knew, he had told me.

I guess my introduction to energy came in an unusual way.

My introduction to energy

I’ve never really been into pharmaceuticals, but I was told that you can see weird things if you stay up and resist the urge to sleep if you take one called Limovan. I am highly inquisitive by nature, always up for experiments and adventures, so I did.

We saw these strings between our hands when we moved our arms in certain ways. Simple movements such as a slow wide clap generated these threads. When we had lots of fibres we even made them into balls and tried to play catch but they tended to disintegrate mid-air. We juggled with them and did lots of different movements to see how best to create them. It wasn’t until years later that I realised the movements I had ‘created’ or ‘found’ were, in fact, tai chi. I was playing with energy, I could see it, and I was fascinated. Totally hooked.

I ended up discussing this with a girl in a bar who told me to take a certain healing course, which I did. I was living in a very glamorous world at the time. I was doing TV presenting. There were 6 of us fronting a show called ‘Sweet and Sassy’. It was a cheesy game show, but I was getting experience and working my way up the ranks. I was hanging out with celebs in the best clubs and restaurants all over the world.

I found myself on this course, and everyone was in cheese cloth, I was in designer. I stuck out like a sore thumb. They tended to be very pale, a little gaunt and a number of them smelt funny. Perhaps it was their diet? They had a weird, peaty, damp smell. FYI Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, has since informed me that it was indeed their diet, they needed more cooked food and spices.

Let’s face it, to me the group was a little weird. My mum went to Oxford, my father to Cambridge. This was an alien world, and I was surrounded by ‘weird, smelly hippies’. I can laugh now but that was honestly what I thought. They were of course delightful, just totally different to people I had previously met.

So, I’m doing this course and I can feel the energy as directed. Holy moly, what is going on? It was just odd. It was smashing the beliefs that I had, even though I had actually seen energy in my altered state.

So, I complete the 5 day course. My mind is blown. I’m totally confused as to the nature of reality and I get sent home on my merry way.

Lucie’s ear

As couple of days later my best friend Lucie came to see me. She was interested in the course and asked a lot of questions. I was still scratching my head wondering if it was possible or real?

Now Lucie worked at the time for Virgin Atlantic as a stewardess, which of course added to my jet-set life style. Unfortunately, she had severe and chronic ear issues. She had burst her eardrum 5 times, each time was beyond excruciating. Comparable to child birth out of her ear. Horrifying. She was unable to fly quite regularly as having ear issues mid-air can be risky and painful. If it happened they may have needed to land the plane early which would please neither the airline nor the passengers.

Lucie had gone through the usual steps. She went to her GP, she was referred to a specialist and then a surgeon. They didn’t really know why this was happening. Their suggestion was to simply open-up her ear to have a look and do the best that they could. What else could they do? As they were uncertain they predicted a 50% success rate. The NHS were not too interested in her plight, so it would have to be done privately at the vast expense £4,500. This is a great deal of money to many people including a 26 year old hosty. What could she do? The pain came once or twice a week, she didn’t rupture her ear drum each time but it was agonising just the same.

So, we are walking through Notting Hill, and suddenly, out of nowhere, this attack comes on. She crumples on the floor screaming and cursing in distress.

“Ahhhh my ear, help me, help me”

Help her? What am I to do? She has the surgery booked. We are standing on the street. I’m no doctor. What can I possibly do?

“Help me, please help me, you are a healer now?”

Healer now? Am I? I don’t even really believe in this ‘hippy rubbish’ I’m hardly a healer. One 5 day class can’t possibly mean I can really help in such a dire situation, does it?

I wanted to help her but how?

I took her to the loos of a quiet restaurant, and placed my hands on her ear, and channelled. To my amazement something popped it’s head out. I grabbed it, continued channelling and fed it out like a rope, one hand after the other. I kept pulling at it. It wasn’t physical, it was more like heat waves. I dragged the whole thing out and released it to the floor. It squirmed and wriggled, it looked much like a snake thrashing away, it was a foot and a half long. The energetic serpent undulated on the parquet until I had the idea of throwing some energy at the blighter. It shattered and vanished.

I was flabbergasted.

Lucie yelled

“Do the other side, do the other side”

So again, I channelled and this energetic parasite reared its ugly head from the crevice of Lucies ear. I grabbed it and started yanking, pulling yet another out. Lucie had regular pain in both ears. This was the less severe of the two.

After a bit of a struggle this one too fell to the floor, whipping around. I hurled energy at it. It broke and disappeared. It was 6 to 8 inches long.

What the heck was that?

We were both totally bemused. The earache was gone, I had battled with too semi opaque near invisible energetic serpents. Again what the heck?!

I had an epiphany there and then. I realised that medicine was missing a trick. That there was more to health and wellness than we know.

It was a miracle.

She has never had earache since and cancelled the surgery. Surgery with a 50% success rate. Surgery which was £4,500.

That day, 12 years ago, changed the course of my life forever. I have relentlessly researched healing ever since. I have awoken many of my own innate healing gifts, gifts we all have that are dormant. Gifts you have waiting for the right time or person to help switch them on.

My job is to simply remove blocks and switch on your birth right. Super normal abilities you have no awareness of.

I’ll explain more on that in next weeks blog.

I also had a great breakthrough last night I want to share but I need to set the scene first with a little backstory first.

So that is how I got into healing.

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