Fitness is it all in your head?

How was your Christmas / holiday and New Year? I hope you all had a wonderful time and are fully recovered.
Did you make any resolutions? New Year, New You?
Are you looking to go on any healing workshops? If so, you are in luck! Course details below.

I always find New Year’s resolutions a little weird. Why wait for January 1st to decide to improve your life or habits? Keep learning, keep exercising, live a healthy lifestyle.

There is a quote that I love, that fits quite well here:-
“Everything in moderation; including moderation” Oscar Wilde

We should be able to have that doughnut, fries, glass of wine without feeling guilty. I wonder if the guilt actually has an impact on the way our body receives it? Does stressing about not going to the gym negatively affect us?

There was a study done a few years ago by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer

She wondered if how much we perceive we exercised had any effect on how healthy we are and how our bodies actually look?
She took a group of maids, most of them were a little overweight with low muscle mass. This is a little odd if you think about it, as maids have very physical jobs. Changing sheets, scrubbing bathrooms, lugging heavy equipment around – it’s all strenuous work. Physical work. Calorie burning work. They should be fit and lean, shouldn’t they?

In the study, Langer asked a group of 84 maids if they exercised? 67% said they didn’t exercise often and a whopping 1/3 said they didn’t exercise at all. They didn’t see their job as exercise, even though the activity they did was far beyond the US surgeon general’s recommendation for daily exercise. They even did a food diary and worked out that the maids had a calorie deficit.

If they had been in the job for a number of years, which most had, they should not have been overweight.

The Harvard team took the maids’ body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, weight and body mass index. Extraordinarily the results matched their perceived amount of exercise as opposed to the amount of exercise that they actually did!

Langer divided the group into 2.
They explained to the first group how many calories were burned doing each of their daily activities. Pushing the carts, dusting, making the beds, polishing the bathrooms, all of the tasks carried out in cleaning the hotel rooms. They were also told that, with their current activity levels, they already reached the surgeon general’s definition of a healthy lifestyle, and that they had a calorie deficit and should have been losing weight.

The maids were told to change nothing, to keep eating as they were, with the same level of activity. All that changed was that they had now been told that they were actually training, and that their work was exercise.

The second group were told nothing and proceeded as before.

One month later Langer and her team returned to take measurements from the ladies. In the group that they had educated there was a marked difference, with a decrease in their systolic blood pressure, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio, together with a 10% drop in blood pressure!

Isn’t that incredible?
Their mindset changed how their body received the exercise.
It’s a version of the placebo effect. If you believe that the placebo works there is a good chance that it actually will.
Our minds are incredibly powerful. This reminds me of a quote from Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

I had a friend who was an Olympic gymnast. She had always been told what to eat, when to eat, how to train. When she left the academy she put on weight, she made a conscious decision to eat what the hell she wanted and to lose weight. You know what? She did!

I think the important thing is to always strive to improve, no matter the time of year.

However, if you are feeling like making positive changes to your life why not join me on one of my workshops?

I have some coming up. Highlights level 1.

I am due to be teaching in Birmingham Jan 18th-20th so to avoid disappointment please book early.

The next course dates for Birmingham are March 15th-17th and London February 22th-24th.

These and all course are available via video conferencing such as skype if you can’t make it in person.

Let me tell you a little about the Highlights Course.

I have taken the best from the 12 courses I have under my belt to teach in the highlights course.
Gaia, you and I, have evolved a lot since I started teaching 7 years ago. So, what used to take me 5 full days of hard graft to teach I can now teach in 5 hours.
All of this work still has tremendous value and is incredible, more advanced and simple than anything I’ve seen on the market. I will still be using it in another project that I will announce shortly. That will be for the slow and steady people, in a larger setting.

The Highlights Course is for those who want to learn and evolve as quickly as possible, in a very personal way- lots of 1-2-1 work with fellow students and me.
I awaken latent abilities in your energy systems, abilities that we all have laying dormant inside us.

Level one includes:

Meditation tools – How to quickly drop into a deep meditative state, quite possibly the deepest you have ever been, in a matter of seconds.

Dowsing – learning to use a pendulum to answer various medical and other questions.

Hooks/ Evil Eye identifying and clearing – When people think ill of us, they can puncture our aura and energy fields, they can accidentally (mostly) feed on us energetically and even corrupt our thoughts. Removing these will dramatically reduce any negative self-talk you may have.

The Big Eraser – to instantly dissolve emotional trauma in yourself and others. This can be used on specific traumas. Even a particular emotion which is held too strongly in the system such as anger or grief, building towards clearing an illness such as depression, as well as other long standing emotional blocks. This is an upgraded version of the one taught at Mind Body Spirit, and will continue to be upgraded through the courses. It’s really the jewel in the divine empowerment crown.

Instant pain relief – Bill McKenna technique.

Multiple fun energies – over 20 energies that can be taught to and shared with friends. Why not share the magic? These include the basic magical medical kit of energetic paracetamol, Valium and how to avoid the common cold, if you notice it in the first stages, otherwise to get back on your feet fast. I’ll even show you my party trick, teaching people to change the taste of wine using only intention. Its real-life magic, I’ve even done blind tastings with sommeliers!

Chakra Master Blaster – to purge your chakras of any stagnation and awaken them to the next level.

Its £450 for 3 days, it’s really 3 courses in one as we cover so much ground. In-fact it’s exactly that. My 12 courses have been condensed into 4. You can also pay by instalments.

If these skills appeal to you why not get in touch for a free demo? I’m happy to show you what you will soon be able to do!

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

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