Why do we get sick?

Welcome to December, eek! Christmas and the holidays are nearly upon us.

I want to thank all those of you who have taken the time to email in with questions. I have chosen one to focus on this week. The question was:-

“Why do we get sick?”

Indeed, an important and interesting question.

There are of course many theories on this. The one that I connect with is our incredible ability to manifest.

For example, winter is coming, you have too many things on. Completely overloaded with work family etc. You say to yourself “I wish I could just have a week in bed, I just need a week off”.

Your body hears that and grants the wish. Unfortunately, not in the way you hoped for, but still grants it by giving you flu. So, the next week is spent in bed. It’s a miscommunication of course, as you wanted to be in bed with your favourite book or box set rejuvenating, not with a fever.

Thoughts are wishes, so be careful what you focus on. ‘Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true’, an old proverb, is worth remembering.

Anxiety is literally wishing for something bad to happen. Energy goes where your intention flows, so the more you fret, the more likely it is that the thing you fear will happen. In these situations we need to breathe and relax, centre ourselves.

Discipline is a good way to quieten the mind. Not following our thoughts into doom and gloom. Changing the subject and not being emotionally self-indulgent. If we continue to think or talk about issues, that can actually make things worse. We need to process and understand things initially, but then find a way to let them go or at least not focus on them.

Let me expand on this for you. I believe the linchpin of disease is emotional trauma.

Naima came to me with a variety of issues. Initially with nightmares, betrayal, family conflict and back pain, a very sensitive navel of all things, and an allergy to her cat.

These of course seem un-related but they are not.

Aliments, aches and pains and even diseases are often wonderfully ironic puns.

How weird and amazing is that?

Backpain in its essence is about ‘not feeling supported’ our backs of course are there to support us. If we don’t feel supported, it manifests in back pain. There is more to it than that, but that is in essence the core.

Shoulder pain is about feeling burdened. Feeling as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders, more on that next week with Karen’s story.

Back to Naima. I asked her to recall and briefly describe some of her more difficult days in childhood, as she did so, I was able to empathetically feel her pain. I can feel the essence of different emotions they have unique nuances of flavour. I can differentiate between sadness and grief, confusion and betrayal etc.

We were able to tap in and dissolve the stagnated energy around particular events that were still lingering in her psyche. Stuck emotions that were no longer serving any purpose and simply blocking flow and happiness.

Remarkably, after 2 sessions, all the issues were gone. She came to see me again with a new list of ailments to work on. She happily reported that she had only had one nightmare since, and that was because she was reading a book about the gory details of a serial killer, and his kill room. That’s enough to give even the most zen among us nightmares.

The back pain, which had previously occurred daily, cost her thousands in bills to osteopaths and all manner of body workers, had only recurred a handful of times in the following 18 months after my treatment. Each time when she was in a highly stressful environment she identified this, cleared the situation and it vanished again.

Let me share her own words for you:

“I suffered every night from nightmares, but had also health issues with my navel, back and allergies. Divine Empowerment changed my life drastically. I feel so much happier, pain-free and have had zero nightmares {apart from the serial killer book}. What a positive change to my life! I can highly recommend DE to anybody who wants to make a change in their life and doesn’t want to go through all the traumas and drama over months and years in therapy sessions. DE helps immediately!”

She came back a month ago with some new things to work on, shoulder pain, some bullying which she recently recalled, a constantly blocked nose, knee issues they had been painful for a few years, as well as asthma.

We worked out that most of this stagnation stemmed from a variety of situations at around 12 years old, the core was about taking on too much responsibility and feeling overwhelmed.

We worked to clear that and miraculously she has seen improvement in all areas.

Here latest quote which I’m humbled by and embarrassed to share is “Your healing comes close to Jesus stuff”, you can’t get a higher compliment than that! I hope I can live up to it. I’m constantly working to improve my abilities and to normalise efficient and even instant healing.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch and I will do my best to answer them.

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