Clues to Emotional Unrest or Stagnation

I hope you are all well and happy.

I wanted to expand on last weeks topic about illness often providing clues signalling emotional unrest or stagnation. Sometimes these clues are almost ironic puns.

Below is an excerpt from by simple organic life

1) Pain in your head

Pain in your head, like headaches and migraines, can be triggered by the stresses of day to day life. Be sure to take time out of every day to relax. Do something that eases the tension.

2) Pain in your neck

Feeling a pain in your neck? You must have kids! Just kidding. Pain in your neck is an indication that you may be having trouble with forgiveness of others, or even yourself. If you’re feeling neck pain, consider the things you love about yourself and others. Consciously work toward forgiveness.

3) Pain in your shoulders

Pain in your shoulders may indicate that you’re carrying a real emotional burden. That’s where the saying “shouldering a problem” comes from. Focus in on some proactive problem solving and distributing some of that burden to other people in your life.

4) Pain in your upper back

If you’re feeling pain in your upper back, you’re probably coping with a lack of emotional support. You might be feeling unloved or you could even be holding your love back. If you’re single, it might be time to go for a date.

5) Pain in your lower back

Lower back pain might mean you’re worrying too much about money or you’re lacking in emotional support. It may be a good time to ask for an overdue raise or consider a financial planner to help you utilize money a little bit better. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for support.

6) Pain in your elbows

Pain in your elbows has a lot to do with resisting changes in your life. If your arms are feeling stiff, it may mean that you’re too stiff in your life. It may be time to think about making compromises and shaking things up a little bit. At the very least, go with the flow.

7) Pain in your hands

With your hands, you reach out to others and connect. If you’re feeling hand pain, it may mean that you’re not reaching out enough. Try making new friends. Have lunch with an associate. Make a connection.

8) Pain in your hips

If you’ve been afraid of moving, that may manifest as a pain in the hips. Sore hips could be a sign that you’re too resistant to changes and moves. It may also show a caution toward making decisions. If you’re thinking on some big ideas, it’s time to make a decision.

9) Pain in the knees

Knee pain can be a lot of different things, but it can be a sign of a big ego. You might think that you’re a little bit too awesome. Humble yourself. Spend some time volunteering. Make sure you remember that you’re mortal. You’re just human.

10) Pain in your calves

Calf pain is likely triggered by emotional tension of some kind. Stress may also be the culprit. Jealousy may be causing your sore calves too. It might be time to let go of something big.

11) Pain in the ankles

Pain in your ankles may be a sign that you’re depriving yourself of pleasure. It may mean it’s time to indulge a little bit more. Spice up your romantic life a bit.

12) Pain in your feet

When you’re depressed, you might feel some foot pain. Too much negativity can manifest in your feet not feeling so good. Look for the little joys in life. Find a new pet or a new hobby. Look for joy.

Isn’t that wonderfully descriptive? Do you suffer from any of these aches and pains?
Are those emotions or stagnations also poignant?

If you can link the emotions with the pain the video at the end of this email might be the first step in your recovery?

With this in mind, I worked on a Karen who was suffering from shoulder issues. At the time she was feeling very burdened from multiple directions kids, marriage, work etc.

I worked with the intention of clearing the stagnation, lifting the burden which was manifesting quite literally as the weight of the world on her shoulders.
This is what she had to say about it.

“I have suffered from tight shoulders and neck for years, increasingly so over the last two years but relentlessly day and night for the past 3 months.

Antonia suggested it may be that I am feeling burdened by various factors in my life. As a Pilates teacher I am no stranger to the complexities of the human body. Having witnessed how emotional trauma can create physical symptoms in both my clients and my own body, I had not connected it on this occasion.

In one phone session, Antonia worked on stagnated emotional burdens. After just 3 minutes I felt the symptoms dissipate. My shoulder continues to feel lighter and pain free and my sleep has also improved.

I highly recommend that you consider trying Antonia’s healing, as we all have a right to live freer, happier and pain free lives.

Thank you Antonia.”

Karen Eccles

Once the trauma of feeling burdened had been lifted Karen experienced an immediate and lasting improvement. Truly inspiring and wonderful.

I promised you a video this week. Unfortunately, I still haven’t manged to get the Mind Body Spirit video edited as yet, but I like to keep my promises, so hopefully this one will suffice?

This is a recording that I did for Digital Pride. They seek to celebrate diversity globally for those who are unable to attend the festivals in person.

The first part of the video is a quick guided meditation which you can watch and will help you to drop into a deeply tranquil state in just as few moments.

The second part is to teach you how to dissolve small traumas instantly in yourself and others. This is the technique I taught in my second class at MBS.

So, if you have any minor issues that are bugging you why not learn to dissolve them now? This may also help with the physical pain from the list above? You may even be able to clear the whole thing depending on the severity of the issue and the time you are willing to work.

Video Link

Let me know how you get on! This is just a taster of my work.

With love and light,

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